Friday, March 29, 2013

It's 'Bout That Time!

I remember one year my mother said she was putting me in charge of dying the Easter eggs.  I was thinking about this the other day and had to chuckle.  I was the only one available to dye the Easter eggs, but I was still "in charge".  That meant that mother was working on other things that had to be done, and I was capable of taking care of the egg project on our To Do List.
  It's 'bout time to dye eggs around here.
  I think I will find someone to be "in charge"!
My mother had such good ideas!
I just didn't realize it.
 I think I dyed 108 eggs that year.  Our chickens laid the eggs, so we had plenty.  I remember longing for white eggs instead of brown eggs because I thought the dye would make prettier eggs if they were white.
I got them all done though.  Easter was fun around our house hold.  Mother wanted to have a big Easter egg hunt every year.  We invited the church kids and neighbor kids and pretty much anyone who wanted to come hunt eggs.
We didn't have any of the "fancy smancy" plastic eggs filled with candy.  No siree...they were the old fashioned hard boiled ones with a yellow yolk inside.  Yes, a dry crumbly yellow yolk.  And I loved them.  I still do!
The old spillway, Lake Fort Smith State Park, Mountainburg, Arkansas
We would go to Lake Fort Smith State Park, in Mountainburg, for the egg hunt.  The park was beautiful with this gorgeous spillway and huge swimming pool.  It had a playground, a picnic area, and a road that wound through the park. 
 It was a fun place to hang out.
  I made wonderful memories here.
My husband and I had a picnic here for our rehearsal dinner the night before we got married.
Yes, a picnic!
  We wanted everyone from both our families to be together and this is where it happened.
I may not have a beautiful park to take everyone to, but I am planning on making memories hunting eggs again.  So Sunday afternoon our yard with be filled with as many children as I can find to come join us for our annual egg hunt!
Call me, text me, send me a message on facebook.
I need to know how many eggs to have ready...the plastic candy filled ones, that is.
Have a wonderful Easter weekend, celebrating the reason for a New Life.
"Amazing Love! How can it be, that Thou, my God, shouldst die for me?"
   Charles Wesley


Donnie said...

The plastic, candy filled Easter egg just aren't the same as the "real ones".. and Easter is the real thing, Jesus giving His life for our sins. Don't try to fill it with something it isn't.
Have a wonderful day and a Blessed Easter week-end.

Donnie said...

On the above earlier post I did not mean you, Rachel, try to fill Easter with what it isn't. I KNOW YOU DON'T, but there are many who do and don't know or accept the fact that Jesus gave His life for our sins so we can have salvation, I am grateful He died for me.

pse said...

I want'a come! Could you make it closer, please? I could even make a bunny cake to take.

Willow said...

You know I haven't dyed eggs in years but your post brought back the hankering so this weekend ...doing some egg dying art. My chickens will have to look over the handy work when I am done ...oh I feel fun photos ahead
Have a lovely Easter
From all of us at Willows farm