Wednesday, March 13, 2013

It's Back!

Fast and furiously the snow fell last night.
It was dizzying to look up into the darkened sky and watch the flakes swirl to earth.
They were large and fluffy, round and three dimensional.
It looked to me as though it was snowing cotton balls.
It's still cold.
I long for Spring.
Outside the snow continues falling.
When Spring comes, the snow will turn to rain.
I wonder will anyone be happy...
I have honestly tried to not complain.
I don't think I've complained.
Have I complained?
I can't stop the snow.
I can't cause the sun to shine,
or the rain to fall.
I can't will the flowers to bloom,
by grumbling and complaining.
Grumbling will only steal my joy.
I will be robbed of the energy I need for today.
Oh lands... I ever need energy!
I hope I'm not grumbling.
Ok...don't grumble!
All I can do is look for a new perspective.
I can control my attitude.
I can change the negative things I might say
to positive words.
Snow is amazing.
It is beautiful.
The swirling snow creates a picturesque backdrop.
To an  artistic eye, I suppose it becomes a stunning study in black and white.
Is it still snowing where you are?


Donnie said...

So beautifully stated! We accept today what God sends, gives, allows us to be blessed with. I will give Him thanks.
Have a wonderful day!

Skoots1moM said...

wish you would send some of it to Atlanta...we need a good snow for a few days to help kill some insects before Spring ;)
very well said, girl!

Ana said...

That's the spirit Rachel. Think positive...every season has it's time and Spring will spring soon enough. I'm not bragging but the weather has been warm and sunny here. Today it was 82 degrees. Feels more like summer to me but I guess that's the perk of living in So. Cali. If I could I'd send you a little bit of sunshine.