Monday, March 11, 2013

This Is All That Is Left

  The big. huge. "ginormous" snowball that I thought might last till July was just a tiny hand size snowball when I took this picture this morning. That is a pair of plastic toy arms with hands and a broken carrot nose. There are times I feel like this...kinda scattered and dissolved. That is all that was left... 
...of this.  And the big. huge. "ginormous" snowball became the base for the largest snowman.  Our snow family melted and drizzled down into the cold winter soil.  Yep, they melted, but the kids froze!
Spring IS coming!!

1 comment:

Donnie said...

And...soon the grass will come out green and thank you for the good cold drink you gave it with you melted snowman! Have a wonderful day looking forward to Spring. Love you.