Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Kerry Does It, So I Think I Should Too

A couple of days ago, I introduced you to Marshmallow and Smore.  I am so disappointed that this photo is blurry, but it took much tip toeing across the tree branches and hanging suspended from a rope and arching my back at a 45 degree angle, while crossing my fingers and all 10 toes in hopes that I didn't fall, to get this fantastic, yet blurry, picture of the sleeping duck. 
Well really, I didn't have to go to quite that extent of physical duress to photograph my subject of choice, the duckling.

However, my niece Kerry balances on cliffs and palm branches  or hangs suspended from 40 foot grapevines and other dangerous things like that, to take photos of poisonous snakes and rare birds in the jungles of exotic places. (I might have exaggerated slightly, but probably not much!) And she gets some freaky awesome pictures that way. See the one shown above.  I am so proud of her.  She took it. 
  I just wanted to see how it would sound if I pretended to photograph in dangerous situations too!
Eh, not so great. Huh?
Actually, it was very mundane and quite routine as  I  walked across the floor to take the picture of the sleeping ducky.  I would see my daughter flailing her arms to come quickly because obviously something was going on with the ducks.
Every time that I would assume approach mode, to take the picture the ducky would wake up.
  That was quite interesting also.
    The ducky's little head would pop up and wobble as though it was so tired it could hardly lift its head. 
 The little black eyes would open, close and blink, blink, and then plop,  back down the head would go,
  sound asleep once again, sort of.
So in case you have never seen a little yellow duckling stretch out and sleep, well...there ya go!
I sense your enthusiasm.

However in honor of a truly miraculous bird sighting, I submit to you what Kerry wrote in the comments of her face book post under the photo of the bird shown above.  The bird is the Quetzal, national bird of Guatemala.  Kerry and her husband live in Costa Rica.  Their photography is "jaw ~droppingly" beautiful. I have used her photo and comments with permission.
"we saw him in Monteverde.
Donnie and Ralph, we actually saw two! A pair! And it's not even quetzal season. We were incredibly lucky, for sure. We actually learned today that there are only about 200 left and none in Guatemala anymore because of deforestation. This is our second time at this forest and our second time seeing one. The first time was in 2006 but it was just a female."



Willow said...

Oh Rachel lovely little ducky photo despite the blur ...then again I am a sucker for animal photos of all kinds. If you ever come to visit you will see that lol Glad I found you love listening to you chat! Hope you don't mid if I follow right along. I came by way of Grandma Yellowhairs blog ...just so you know Im not a random stranger :)

Donnie said...

Very interesting,and the mental vision of you "hanging" there to get the picture, most entertaining! Have a wonderful day watching after you little ducklings.

Sherry at The Rusty Pearl said...

HEY Rachel... I am your newest follower and WILL be a regular. I looked thru your blog and LOVE IT ALL>>>LOVE LOVE LOVE .. I am blessed to meet such sweet friends on here and look forward to following along. Love the sweet pics and the DUCKY is precious ... HUGS .. Visit me at The Rusty Pearl .. WOULD love to have you there as well.. HUGS

Sandy said...

Love your blurry but adorable ducky photo!

nfhays said...

Love this post. It made me smile! Thanks for the visit on your porch...until I can bring the sweet tea and hang out for real!

Judy said...

Awe, they look so cute despite the blurry photo.