Monday, March 25, 2013

May I Introduce You

 Hello World, meet Marshmallow and Smore.  They are our newest additions to the family.  They have become great Spring break entertainment since we are all snowed in.
Fortunately we know the CEO, COO, CFO and chief cook and bottle washer out there at Heritage Summit Farm just west of town, out toward the setting sun. 
Hopefully in a couple weeks she will have a couple new pets out there to call her own. 
She says they have a special bond. 
I'm sure they do.
Yes, I'm quite sure they do.
P.S. To the CEO, COO, CFO and chief cook and bottle washer:  the son said we could, well, because the son did it too!!
 I realize this statement doesn't make much sense at all...isn't that the way it always is with the fine print?


Donnie said...

So cute and great fun. Just be sure to have plenty of wipes handy and near by, you will need them!!!! Know from experience!

Ben Easley said...

Nice ducks, all our's could be friend.Marshmallow, S'more, Smokey, and Blackey.

Ben Easley said...


Mom Going said...

So cute!!!