Wednesday, March 6, 2013

What's In A Decade?

 This day, ten years ago, dawned much the same way it did today.  Then as now, a late winter snow storm swept through and left us gasping with its beauty.
 I've tried to find words to match my feelings as I looked at this in amazed wonder.  Words fail adequate expression.
 White beyond white etched a line around nature.
 The flakes came steady and quickly.
Close to 1:00 AM, I stood in the darkness peering at the phenomenon that fell before my eyes.  I moved from room to room watching the snow from different windows.  I was immersed in wonder.  And though the warm covers of bed beckoned me I wanted the unfolding of nature etched in my memory. The sky was light with the white of snow and I tried to embrace and capture what I saw.  I sighed and as I did it seemed as though ten years brushed past.  It seemed I saw the laughter and tears, the joy, the pain and sorrow, the happiness.  My memories swirled around me in much the same way the snow swirled earthward.
 The morning she was born a decade ago, we woke to a similar scene.  I remember on that night before, watching the snow fall through the night as the moon shone amidst the white, scattering the shadows. 
 That day brought excitement as we welcomed a new darling to our family.  We were thrilled and overjoyed.  Our pre-teen sons were uncertain as to how life would change.  For that matter we were uncertain, though thrilled, we realized every event brings change. 
 And change has come.  Change comes to everyone.  No one can escape it tentacles. We have chosen joy and happiness and carried deep discouragement and sorrow.  We are changed.  Through this night my heart recounted a decade of memories.   
 I inhaled and tried to hold onto the beauty and what I know. 
 The snow will melt. 
Spring will come.  Change will come. 
 Embracing this moment is all I have.   
I'm reminded again how richly I am blessed.  A decade has passed.  Many times across these ten years,  I have wondered how a day would unfold.  And in the unfolding, life happened.
  Glorious wonderful life.
Ten years of life.
Rich rich blessed blessed life!


Anonymous said...

That was beautiful. You have a way to stir the emotions with words. Yarlette

Donnie said...

I think I must have missed reading this the other day. You write and share in such a touching way, I know it goes to many emotions, thanks for reminding us of how special life is and how quickly our live change forever.
Love you, Donnie