Thursday, March 21, 2013

I Think There Is Hope!

Yesterday, one of my five amazing brothers texted this picture to me with this message,
 "This flower knows today IS the first day of Spring!!"
That totally absolutely emphatically made my whole day!
Ah, such cheer.
So encouraging!
Brave fragile life.
Spring is here!
All 17 degrees of it!!
Is 'texted' a word?
Everyone says it...
...uses it.
Spell check and auto correct don't recognize it.
I just wonder if it will eventually be a word like "deer".
She "text" me.  I "text" it.
You know like, burst, burst and burst...
not busted, bust and busting...
That's all weird!
At least in my opinion it's weird.
Deer ~ is a noun. 
 Text ~ is a verb.
Uh, is it?  Or, are they?
 Maybe not.
  I better ask the English teacher.
The deers texted!
I need to stop thinking about that.
I'm all mixed up now.
Happy Spring y'all.
Do you say texted?
And also, thanks to my amazing brother for joining me on my treasure hunt for sightings of Spring!!


Donnie said...

You "think" too much, it makes my brain tired! I think I will just concentrate on the Spring flowers.
Have a wonderful day, Love you.

Anonymous said...

Wow Rachel I have now arrived!! I am a published writer on your blog!!! WOW!! Love, Paul