Tuesday, March 12, 2013

How Can They Do That?

I saw my first sighting of spring flowers yesterday. 
 I was flying down...well driving down actually...the street and realized that someone had purple crocuses blooming in their flower bed.
I was thrilled for them.
I wanted some.
I don't have purple crocuses.
 Because I was flying...well driving actually...
I didn't take a picture of their crocuses.
I thought that might not be safe.
I went into my archives of photos and found one that I had taken another time I had found an accidental sighting of purple crocuses.
I wanted those in my flower beds also.
I wasn't coveting. :)
When I looked at the photo, I sighed as I admired the soft "purpleness" covered with dew drops.
I don't think "purpleness" is a word, but it works.
You are sighing too, aren't you?
I know you want some too.
But you aren't coveting either!
How do those crisp and fragile flowers have courage to bloom in weather like this?
It's cold! 
In the past I have seen crocuses blooming in snow. 
Bless their little hearts...well they probably don't have hearts...but bless their little hearts.
They thrill me so.
Have you seen your first flower sighting for the spring. 
This is not to be mistaken with a "Big Foot" sighting. 
Yeah, flowers, have you seen any?


Yvonne Harmon said...

You r so silly. yes I also love the early ones that poke up bravely..

Salmagundi said...

Jonquils are blooming next door, and it is snowing this moment. Every year when the neighbor's bloom I always think I'm going to plant some, but don't. I think I like hers better because it is such a surprise. If they were in my yard, I would be checking those little shoots of green daily. Have a good week. Sally

Attic Clutter said...

love the crocus..we been a waiting so many months for them to show (:)
long long winter ):)