Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Feelin' Puny

"Oh hi!  Spring!  Is that you?  How are ya?   Feeling kinda puny are ya?   I'm SO sorry! Well, you'll be better and fresh as a daisy soon!"
In spite of the fact that Spring arrived WAY back there on March 20th, we had 9 inches of snow fall between 5 P.M. Sunday and yesterday afternoon.
Spring is here.  Yes it is! 
 It doesn't matter that there is snow. 
 I'm sure it will melt soon.
I'm SURE of it!!

Oh the power of postive thinking!


Donnie said...

Just thank how thankful the flowers will be for all the moisture your mounds of snow will have given them so they can show the beauty they have stored up inside.
Have a wonderful day. Love you.

Judy said...

Oh wow, 9 inches of snow! Yikes!! We had some flurries the other day but nothing big. The snow here is starting to melt, finally!!

Ana said...

Yikes, this weather. Hope Spring will make an appearance soon and stay for a while. Beautiful flowers.