Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Cute pi Shirt and Yummy Strawberry Pie Recipe

Today was pi day at school.
For all the math wizards in my family (which would be everyone except me) having pi day at school on 3.14.13, was a "no brainer". 
Well, I admit, it took me a second.
Maybe you can google it if  this makes no sense to you. 
I can't figure out how to explain it!
Silly, silly me!
She said there was a pi party at school today and to go to the party you had to bring something having to do with pi. 
She decided  what she wanted to take.
She needed a white shirt, fabric markers and the computer.
She bought her shirt and markers with her own money; googled the pi equation and symbol...then got to 10 p.m.
I remember starting projects late at night like this.
I think I might have made my mother a little crazy.
I'm reaping what I have sown.
I may have a little designer on my hands.
Her shirt was adorable.
I did NOT help with it at all.
I only gladly rushed in every .4 seconds every time I heard her yell, "Mom, please come take a picture."
Then I stood admiring her every tired and loving mom should at 11:15 p.m.
Life is interesting here.
She agonized over her mistakes and figured out a way to camouflage them.
Today is 3.14...pi day.
Our college son was home for spring break last week.
Strawberry pie was on his wish list.
I made three.
That was LAST week.
I won't do THAT this week.
Strawberry pies don't last long around here.
Here is my family's favorite recipe.
I got it from my sister in law Joy.
She is pure joy.
You need to know that.
This scrumptious pie is pure joy.
You need to know that too!
Strawberry Pie
1 c. water
1 c. sugar
3 T. corn starch
3 T. strawberry jello ( dry straight from the box)
3 c. fresh sliced strawberries
1 pie crust already baked
In a sauce pan combine water, sugar and cornstarch.  Bring it to a boil stirring constantly and cook it until it is thick like pudding.  It will start to pop and make little bubbles that burst and burn your arms.  I warned you...but it is SO worth it.  Your kids will call you supermom.  When it is really thick, remove it from the heat and stir in the strawberry Jello (dry) and mix it well.  Pour the glaze gel over the fresh strawberries.  Mix well. Pour glazed strawberry mixture into a previously baked pie crust.  Chill until ready to serve.  If you can wait that long!
If you want to add cream filling underneath your strawberry filling, here is a general idea of how I do it.
Cream Filling:
Cream ( if you want it) this is where it gets a little ditsy.
I just guess at this part and figure it out as I go every.time.I. make.this. pie!
Ugh...makes me crazy really.
I wish I would stop doing stuff that makes me kinda' crazy.
But I just use a little cream cheese and a little powdered sugar and a little half and half and blend it until it is smooth.
If it doesn't taste right or look right, I just keep adding and tweaking those three ingredients until I am happy.
It doesn't take much to make me happy.
My family has never said, "Moooommmm, this is SO disgusting.  You tweaked the cream filling again."
Nope they always want the cream filling, so I'm always flyin' by the seat of my pants...or something like that to make the cream.
And in the full disclosure of total honesty, the cream filling in the pie I made last week was cream I had left from the crepes I served on Sunday night.  It was the same ingredients that I mentioned above...just more of it and fluffier because I used more half and half.
My sister in law didn't tell me to put the cream filling under the strawberries.
So it is optional.
Oh, I already told you that.
Oh, and uumm, I make three strawberry pies at a time.
So I just triple the ingredients in the recipe above.
Because I'm efficient like that. ( totally...not)
Actually I make three pies because my pie crust recipe makes three pie crusts.
And I LOVE my pie crust recipe.
It is fun.
And besides, seriously, who can stop at only one pie?
So happy pi day.
Now go make some pie.
Or tell me your favorite recipe that you got from YOUR sister in law Joy.


Karla Cook @ Ramblin' Roads said...

Becky's been learning about pi recently. She would enjoy seeing this. I'll have to remember to show her. Tell your Princess I *like* her Pi shirt.

Alas, I have no sister-in-law Joy. I have an *aunt* Joy... and a niece whose middle name is Joy... and a great-niece whose middle name is also Joy.

Your sister-in-law Joy reminds me very much of my Aunt Joy, though. I wonder if they know each other?

Donnie said...

A good joyful post on a pretty sunny almost Spring day.
Have a wonderful day.