Monday, March 4, 2013

Spring Is Just Under The Surface!

About a week and a half ago I was delighted to see that some of our daffodils and tulips had ventured to stick their crisp green sprouts through the cold hard soil.
As time passes and winter continues here, I wanted to say, "Quick run for the hills or head south or get outa Dodge.  Ice is on its way."  But the amazing beacons of Spring just stayed right where they grew.  They seemed steady and sure of themselves that the weather was sure to change and sunshine and warmth would come.
What a neat life lesson I learned as I pondered my annual delights of color; hold steady, stay the course, wait for the sunshine.  The cold winds blow, icy coatings bring pain, but tomorrow will be a new day.
I think I want to know...are your tulips and daffodils blooming?


Donnie said...

Yes, just hold on a little longer, Spring will be here soon. My daffodils are blooming some other early flowers are reaching up but out out yet.
The same with God's promises just keep holding on.
Have a wonderful day.

Ana said...

Our seasons aren't as defined here. For example, yesterday one could have sworn it was summer, today we are back to cloudy and cold winter weather. But there are definite signs of Spring in our petite garden...we have our first mini rose bush bloom....Yay! I am so ready for Spring. Wishing you a wonderful new week.