Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Considering What?

If we've told our kids once, we've told them a hundred times, "Don't say I can't.  Say, I will try!"
The other night she said to me, "Mom, you aren't considering God when you say that it is impossible to get this tangle out, because with God nothing is impossible.  You should have said it will be very hard to get this tangle out."
"Yes, you are right, I should not have said it is impossible.  I should have said it will be very hard.  Thank you for the reminder that God can do anything."
I've been thinking about that matter of fact reminder all week...
...all TWO days of this week.
Great food...for thought.
Nothing is impossible...even when it doesn't go the way we wish.


Donnie said...

As the Bible says, "From the mouth of babes" and the faith of little children. It would be good if we all could just remember that everyday.
Have a wonderful day.

Ana said...

You have one smart daughter there Rachel. Who said kids couldn't teach us a thing or two :-) However our kids are a reflection of us so that means you have taught and raised her well :-)

Such beautiful hair...love the French braid.