Monday, April 1, 2013

I'm "Knot" "In Charge"!

I chuckle when I hear or read the phrase "a fun time was had by all". 
 What does it mean exactly? 
 "A fun time was had?"
So I really can't say that "a fun time was had by all", but I do know there was a lot of running and yelling and laughing and other egg hunting antics while all 230 "something" eggs were gathered and collected.
I tried to raise my voice and hoarsely yell over the cacophony of sound to make sure all the kids felt that the fun was fair and inclusive to all of them.
Brother...I felt obnoxious!
  But I never saw any rules for maintaining order at an egg hunt, so I just went with my gut.
  "My gut?" 
 What does that mean?
I put her "in charge" of all this and she did splendidly. 
 I might be able to conquer the world if I had several more like her!
But then I really don't know with what I'd do if I did conquer the world, so...hhmmm.
With her "in charge", I was able to do other things like make pink lemonade pie.
  Ooohh lala.
  It is the perfect touch of tartness...just in time for a savory Spring palate of flavor.

I was also able to listen to the young men discuss their knot tying abilities.
 I was able to oohh and aahh over the fact that I no longer have to figure out how to tie a tie knot.
I'm amazed!
I'm "knot" "in charge" anymore.
Oh my, what does that mean?
Never mind, I am still the momma.
I am the Domestic CEO around here.
And maybe, just maybe "a fun time was had by all."
Only time will tell...


Leslie said...

A fun time was had by us! Loved spending time with you all yesterday!

Anonymous said...

Love reading your blog and your sense of humor :) Pie looks delish too!! I'd love the recipe! Lynette

Donnie said...

It sounds and looks like everyone at least had some fun, if "knot" a lot of fun. The pie looks delicious and the lemonade sounds so refreshing. Looks like the snow went away just in time! Would have been fun to be there. Have a wonderful day.