Wednesday, April 23, 2008

She Twisted My Arm

Well, she took this porch picture just for me, and the colors are OUR colors! She emailed it over for me to my heart pumping and racing with its' beauty, and THEN told me how much she enjoyed seeing the progress on our house and she thought I should put up more "house progress pictures" so our family all around the country/world who don't live close by (which is literally EVERYONE we are related to except sweet Martha and David) could see it. This is a huge step for if you aren't family, and don't care about the progress on our old house, you will want to scroll to the very last picture in this post, and feast your eyes on the beauty to be seen there! But if you are interested, I've added two more pictures. See she twisted my arm! That is how it happened isn't it Karla?
Ouch! Just look at this experiment of colors! We were trying to find the color we wanted before taking off the first layer of siding. This is the "new modern 1950's" siding and the tar paper wrap underneath! When you get those 2 layers off you have white clap board siding (see it right there on the upper right hand corner underneath a strip of blue window trim) that needs to be scraped and then painted sage green. This little messy color nook is at the back of the house where the neighbors can it every time they walk through their backyard. I think they keep their head down with their eyes shielded with the palm of their hand! I showed you this one yesterday. It is a view of the same messy color nook in the photo above. When the neighbor saw it she kept smiling and saying how beautiful it was...over and over! I think she's happy! So am I!
eeeeuuuuwwww! We knew the "new modern 1950's siding" was hiding a problem here. Um, Keith, see what I mean. I think I will just keep painting for now and let Mr. Romantic Porch come up with a good solution for this one! he's the best (smile)

Now for your LOVELY feast to the eyes for the day, Toots from Glimpses of our World, who's porch is featured on the sidebar, has so graciously consented to show you some more photos of her beautiful home. Isn't that sweet? So if you click here, you will go right to them. The photo above is just a sample of what you will see there! Enjoy!

Well ya'll that's about it for now. As you can see, around here there is never a dull moment. I want to tell you to drop and enjoy some lemonade with me on the back porch, but I realize that may be an understatement. Instead I might hand you a paintbrush or a hammer and say, "have at it"! So drop by anytime...but beware!

Love, Rachel


The Going Blog said...

I forgot about that cute little window! Okay, it is pretty sad that I haven't gotten over to see your porch yet. I just might have to hitch hike over there or on second thought maybe just stroll over with my wagon in tow. I love the progress pics. How's your arm? :-)

Rue said...

Good Morning Rachel :)

It looks like you have a lot of work ahead of you. I hope it goes well.

That is a beautiful home. I'll have to take a look. Thank you for sharing it with us :)


donnie said...

Hi Rachel,
What a difference! You have already done so much, but so many more scrapes and brush strokes yet to do. Be sure to take plenty of breaks, sit on your beautiful back porch and dream. I will wrap you in my prayers for you safety, and that your "feet will be as Hines feet" quote from the Psalms.
Have a wonderful and safe day,
Love you, Donnie

Anonymous said...


Tracie said...

Good morning, Rachel~
This is a great post. I agree, it's nice seeing the progress going on there. Years ago I remember being addicted to "This Old House" on PBS. Reminds me of that.

I'll have to check out the home in the last picture tonight, looks very nice so that'll be some evening reading for me.

Happy Day!

Karla said...

Yep. That's the way it happened. Uh-huh. At least, I'm willing to take the blame!

I am happy you are posting progress pictures... and we'll all rejoice with you when it's done!

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

I love to see personal house projects and their progression! I know from personal experience it is a slow process, but WOW you are doing A LOT!

Thanks for showing us, I hope you'll keep updating on the progress!

Happy day,

Esther said...

Stay safe! You're doing a great job! It's beautiful!

Love you, Esther

ceekay said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Your home is lovely. I know it must be a lot of work, but you will be soooo thrilled when it is finish. I love older homes. They have so much character.

Feathering My Nest said...

You have accomplished so much, and it's turning out so beautiful. I will look at the photos of the other lady's home next. Thanks for sharing about your own house progress. It's fun to see.


Linda said...

I would love to come to help you guys. You're doing a magnificant job. Step lightly and carefully!


Dori said...

I wish you would post pictures of rooms in your house. I often see close up pictures but never full rooms...I'll bet they are beautiful!

A Romantic Porch said...

Dori, I will sometime. I've had other requests for that. I'm just trying to get the hang of lighting and focus with the camera. Full room views are so different! Thank you for your interest! xoRachel

Ronda said...

I agree with Dori...give us a "tour". Your house is very beautiful...that would be fun! I enjoyed seeing the beautiful house that we could link to and tour! That was fun! Hope that your day was good!

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Rachel, I would be happy to come paint and hammer with you! Your home looks like it is going to be beautiful when you are finished. Please keep posting photos of the progress..

Donna Lynn said...

Rachel, oh how I wish we lived near eachother, I would come over and help you with your lovely house! You could teach me to paint house exteriors properly, I will need that knowledge very soon as the Barn is nearing completion! I could bring my chop saw and handy dandy pnematic nail gun and chalking gun and we could go to town!!!!! Whooo-Weeee
Donna Lynn

Glenda said...

You have so much to do on the house. I can't even refinish a dresser.
But in the end, I am sure you will be rewarded in pride.


Alison Gibbs said...

You guys are doing a fabulous job on the house It is such fun reading and seeing how it is going.