Friday, April 25, 2008

Eating An Elephant!

When I take my son to school, I snap pictures along the way that bring me inspiration and keep me motivated. I don't have a before and after picture of this one. But trust truly IS an inspiration! And for all the purple lovers out there, this is just for you. If you always dreamed of a purple home, here it is. Isn't it beautiful! Donna Lynn left a comment yesterday about eating an elephant bit by bit, and that has inspired the title of this posting.
Bit by bit, little by little, the works goes onward...

...and "upward"? Um...I think I feel my tummy tickle. Can I just stay down here for now?
Okay, good! Once again, night has fallen, the trim paint can is empty and the kiddos are hungry! Well, come to think of it, I am too. Ppppsssssttttt Houston, I think we have a problem here in the upper left hand corner of this picture, I mean on the house. But I'm sure it is nothing that Mr. Romantic Porch can't figure out how to handle. Now if I can just keep from uncovering these kinds of things, I will be good to go! Wow, the wide open surfaces will come into shape so quickly! But we met the goal for today. That's what counts! Right? Right!

On one end of our back porch we have a "window" that leads to nowhere! Well, actually it does lead to the bathroom, but as long as I've known about it, it was covered over with drywall on the other side. I've always wanted to take out the "window" and repair the siding. When we started working on the back porch, I painted over the window with the sage green of the rest of the house. My thought was to make it just recede into the wall, and not be so visible. But when I stood back that is exactly what it looked like. It did recede, but it was obvious why I had done it. I couldn't have that attached to my reputation could I? No sirree...not me! I trimmed it out, hung shutters and a window box, placed a little chair just so so and there you go! I LOVE it now. Why wouldn't I? (If you are wondering why the rafter tails on the porch aren't painted, well...I'm waiting for a rainy day...gotta make hay while the sun is shining. ;))

Just a little blurry, and I want some real flowers, but you get the idea! I'm so excited about this one. I just got to thinking that you might be too, and who knows you may have a window on your house that you could do this to.
Well...dearest family and friends from near and far...thank you for all your encouraging words. I've gotta wrap it up here in blog world for today.
Our teenage sons are participating in a world hunger project with the our church youth group. They collected donations to participate in a 30 hour famine. It begins at 8 this morning and goes til 2 tomorrow afternoon. They aren't supposed to eat during that time. The proceeds that they collect go to feed the hungry.
One son requested "my famous pancakes" for breakfast, before 8. I asked him if he wanted 50 pancakes, or just 45? He laughed! I've gotta scram...but I'll be on the look out for an elephant, because he will probably want his own to eat tomorrow afternoon!
Ta Ta for now!
Love, Rachel


Dori said...

Ohh, I get to be the first to post today. Your house is looking just beautiful! I'm not gonna wish I was there to help you...I wish you were here to help me make my house beautiful!!!! ;-)

Donnie said...

I think you have already found your elephant, parked on top of your house! You are nibbling at him bit by bit, soon he will turn into the beautiful swan you are hunting. Keep scraping and painting one board at a time. Stay safe, and Lord, give her Hines feet, and wings of an eagle.
Love you, Donnie

Ronda said...

Love the window box! Very nice! You are doing a great job! Bet you are sleeping well after all of that hard work! You are a lady of many talents!

Tracie said...

Hi Rachel,
What a wonderful thing for your sons to participate in!
Love the window to no where. Reminds me of The Winchester Mystery House, we used to go there all the time when I was a kid. Love what you've done with the window.
Thoughts and prayers to your sons.

Karla said...

You are really making progress every day, aren't you? Keep going... (well, him, too)... we want to see the final product!

Country Liv . . . said...

What an interesting place you have to stroll around in! Lovely Victorian Lady and dressed in lavender. But from the looks of things going on over at the Romantic Porch, yours will be even better!
Bravo for raising boys who think of others-teenage boys going without food for 2 hours much less 30 hours scares me silly! Make sure you get out of the way when the time is up! LOL!
Have a wonderful weekend,

Anny said...

Wow! Get out of your way when you're on a mission! You're cooking it off! It is looking incredibly beautiful! I'm soooo happy for you!

And how kind of your boys! That is very impressive for them to do that!

Have a great day!


tales from an O.C. cottage said...

It will all be worth it! And if the flower box is any indication, it will be fabulous!


Marina Capano said...

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I hope you! Regards from Argentina
pd i put your blog in my link, becouse is so cut! and i wanna visit you soon xoxooxoxox

Anonymous said...


Esther said...

I'm really happy for all you're getting done! It's beautiful! Quite a transformation! Good job!

Love, Esther

Donna Lynn said...

Rachel, You are devouring your elephant! Your so driven, I told Don about you painting your own home and how you made me realize we could do our barn and the house ourselves...he just stared at me like I had 3 eyes! I said."WHAT", he just stared some more...oh brother! I still think we can do it, if you can so can I! Your wonderful, your blog is wonderful and your house is wonderful,
Wonderful big hugs coming your way,
Donna Lynn

Toots said...

I love the shuttered "window" with the flower box! So pretty!