Sunday, April 27, 2008

A Bridge and An Elephant!

That's right the lights are on a bridge that spans the OHIO River. If you drive a cross it, you will go from Ohio into Kentucky. You guys are such great "guessers"! Your ideas and comments were so fun to read!

The famished teens pulled into the driveway, laid the seat back in the car and took a little snooze...this was very hard for their younger sister to understand! Not only were they hungry, they were tired too! They said there were about 55 teens who participated. Nothing I had fixed or could offer them would suffice. I guess a big gray elephant just isn't appetizing! They wanted PIZZAAAAA. They were surprised that they couldn't eat as much as they thought they would be able too.

What a fun learning experience for them, I'm sure we will learn more as they talk about it more.

Love, Rachel


donnie said...

Bless the teens. What if it was a real famine, and this morning there still wasn't ANYTHING to eat, not just something that is yummy, and again tonight, then on and on. We have so much more than what we need. I am striving to be more grateful for everything I have.
The bridge lights are beautiful.
Have a wonderful day, Love you, Donnie

The Going Blog said...

Bacon and ham come from pigs, steaks from a cow and scrambled eggs from a chicken. Where does Pizza come from?? Must not be an elephant. Those are my kind of boys :-) It brakes David's heart that our kids favor pizza over mexican food. I'm glad they survived!

Danica said...

Thanks for writing this.