Saturday, May 10, 2008

You Are So Good! You solved the mystery.

That's right. You guessed it. Remember when I was rushing around trying to get my May Day bouquet delivered to all of you! Well the picture below is a picture of the "rushing around"! I'm so glad you knew! You and your comments make life fun. Love, Rachel


Donna Lynn said...

Did you get the bee that made that picture so wiggley???

Did you also have a good Saturday? Bet you were working on the Romantic House huh? Bet Mr. Romantic Porch was way up high hanging off of the side of the RH, huh?...Yeah, I thought so!
Hope you are relaxing now, have a lovely sleep and enjoy your Mothers Day to come!
XXOO, Donna Lynn

Gårdsromantik said...

I just love romance and porches.

I´ve been collecting pictures of them for my swedish blogg - maybe i will find som at your place?

Regards Maud from Sweden