Friday, May 2, 2008

Waiting and Thinking

For about 2 weeks, I've anxiously awaited the arrival of hummingbirds. I hope the scent of all these flowers and plants will pull them right to the feeder hanging from the eaves of the porch. So far we haven't had the first sighting, but I will be sure to tell you about when we do. I'm sure their arrival will be proclaimed with great jubilation!
...who is it that says?...sometimes I thinks...sometimes I just sits...sometimes I sits and thinks! Well anyway...

I've been thinking about the concept of written words and what a miracle they are. Spoken words are miraculous too, but you and I would not be able to communicate with each other through this blog, if it were not for written words. Since we may be a world away from each other and can't hear each others voice, you can still see the symbols on the screen of what I want to say to you,and your brain translates them into words for your understanding. Or something like that! See sometimes, I just sits!
But anyway, I'm so happy that this miraculous process of words, symbols and brains works the way it does, and that WE, you and I dear family and friends can communicate back and forth! We can, we can, we can!!! I love hearing from you. Thank you for all your sweet comments.
So please understand these symbols~ Have a happy day! Well just go ahead, get all excited and make it happy!
Love, Rachel

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The Going Blog said...

I'm thankful that I learned those symbols long ago. It is fun to watch the world open up to new little readers. When Cameron started to read he realized that he had been miss pronouncing some things. We still sometimes read "masagines" or drink from "sicky" cups. We occasionaly repeat words the way Daniel used to say them. Fun memories!

Tracie said...

Hi Rachel,
Well, great minds think alike too ~ I've got a "thinking" post today.

Here's to a wonderful weekend for your and your family!

Debbie said...

Reading is a gift. For some of us the symbols can be a little puzzle at times.I have dyslexia, so reading came late for me. It is something very precious. Sometimes, I have some fun with it and add symbols of my makes since to me.

Country Liv . . . said...

I'm ah sittin' and ah thinkin' too! Very surprising the number of bloggers who have used that quote this past week! I wanted to know it's source so i googled it and Wow! Anyway, I love your post because they most always make me smile but they always make me think.

Ronda said...

We just recently watched the movie of "Helen Keller"...I think it made us appreciate the beauty of words and symbols all over again! Books/reading materials are very important at our house... Interesting post! Have a wonderful weekend!

Glenda said...

Thanks for stopping by this morning. I think every day. But sometime, it takes a lot of effort to act on your thoughts.
I love your post today.
And the hummingbirds will come. They are saving the best for last.


Esther said...

The hummingbirds will definitely enjoy the pink flowers by your carriage house! They are so beautiful!

I enjoyed your post today. Happy thinking!

Love, Esther

Aliene said...

Your backyard is so pretty!

Anonymous said...


Pink Icing on the Cake said...

Hi Rachel,
I am putting a hummingbird feeder up this year for the first time, can't wait to see if any come around.

LeAnn :)

Farrah said...

Aren't hummingbirds amazing creatures? Growing up, I remember my dad regularly mixing the sugar water for them during the months of warm weather. They are synonymous with summer for me.

The universal language understood by the whole world is art -- pictures. It's a language for the eyes only. Who could look closely at a violet and not experience some pleasure? The Master expresses His artistic mind in all of creation. And when I see a violet, I read in it more than just creativity. I see a message of love for mankind.

Rue said...

Good Morning Rachel :)

I hope you get pictures of those hummingbirds! They're so beautiful.

Have a wonderful Saturday!