Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Just Thoughts

This beautiful table runner was made by one of my sisters. At Christmas time I used it under the tree in the dining room for a "Christmas Tree Skirt". It serves so many purposes for me, but I love the way the pieces are arranged together, and then sewn with colorful thread. When I look at it, I think about how life is like that somehow, just bits and pieces of experiences here and there in a continuous pattern, that makes up the tapestry of who we are at the moment. Each experience plays into who we will eventually become too, of course. Isn't it strange how sometimes emotions will almost explode your heart, but it is all there, just part of who you've been, who you are, and who you will become.
I really can't tell you why I wanted this book. It was on one of the bookshelves in my parent's home as long as I can remember. My parents probably got it in a box of books at an auction or something, but it is just full of great advise and information about all kinds of things, spiritual, social, emotional and physical. Even though it was written over a century ago, the information is still practical. If any of my siblings would like to borrow it, wwweeelll, you know where to find me! Or if ultimately, it really belongs to one of you and I just don't know it, wwwweeeelll, you know where to find me! And if none of you lay claim to it, I will continue to thank our sister, who put it back into my possession.
When my daddy sold the home that I was raised in, and all of my parents personal belongings were divided between me and my siblings, (no small task...there's 10 of us remember?) there were the books and for any family who loves to read and learn you know this can be daunting. We had the treasured Bibles, and those were parceled out appropriately. However, among the books there were two I really wished I had. One I will tell about in another post, but today, this one brings me great joy to recount how it came to be in my possession. Since 2000 when everything was divided, I've wondered who had the book...who had the book? In January, I was visiting one of my sisters (if you don't have sisters, I'm so sorry) and she was showing me some things she had done to redecorate. There sitting on a shelf...decoratively positioned I might add, was this book. I fairly squealed with excitement, and I exclaimed, "OH there's the book. You have the book. I've wondered who had it." Without uttering a word, and with an expression that still revealed being startled over my extreme exhuberance, she silently reached to the shelf and handed me the book. I asked her if she knew about the book. But she knew nothing about it, and had never read's a good thing. (smiling) Of course, if it meant something to ME, well then in her opinion, I should have it. Oh thank you, thank you.

I haven't had a chance to read from it, since it came back to me...sounds like a missing pet, huh? But soon I's calling, calling me. The biggest lesson that I remember learning from this book is the importance of listening to your body and paying attention to your inner being...ultimately I believe that is to be one with God, our creator.

Have a fabulous Wednesday, ya'll. Love, Rachel


Donnie said...

Dear Rachel,
What a wonderful younger sister I have. Your talent for deep thinking and being able to get it into words is amazing! Your daily postings give me joy and encouragement.
Have a wonderful day,
Love you, Donnie

Tracie said...

Morning Rachel!
What a lovely sister, not giving it a thought (well, being so thoughtful) in just reaching in and handing you that beautiful book. All families should be like this. You are truly blessed sweetie.

The cover is just lovely, I can see why you are drawn to this item.

Happy day!

Pink Icing on the Cake said...

Ah yes Rachel, it is to be one with our creator. Thanks for the beautiful post and love the table runner, just my colors. Have a blessed day.

LeAnn :)

Sharon said...

Oh, how sweet. What a great story. It is so nice of your sister to give you that book since it meant so much to you. I think it will be really hard for me and my siblings to go through our parents things one day (hopefully way off in the future). We are all so sentimental that it will be hard, but I know we will do it fairly too.

I love the book and I love your table runner too!

Hugs, Sharon

Farrah said...

How wonderful! Congrats on finding the book! :-)

I love the table runner. You're right, the colored thread is perfect!

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

That is certainly a beautiful book on the outside! I love the words you used to tell us the story. How sweet of your sister to give it to you (no questions asked!) Neat sis!

We are praising God today!

Debbie said...

Beautiful book, and a wonderful sister to give it to you.

Esther said...

Oh, neat, Rachel! I'm so happy you got the book! Don't we have the best sisters!! I love all of you!

Hope you're having a fun day!

Love, Esther

fireflynights said...

Loved the analogy between the quilted table runner and the tapestry of our lives. We are definitely made up of bits and pieces that combine to make who we are.

There are wonderful things in books of any age. I'm glad you found this one that is important to you.

Hope said...

Hi Rachel,
I'm trying to catch up with everybody today. I'm way behind!

That's a beautiful table runner. Your whole family must be talented!

I love the vintage look of that book. I've found myself having to get in touch with my inner being a lot lately!

Thank you for your uplifting posts and comments to me.


Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Hi Rachel,
I have 5 I know what you mean... and your sister with the book, obviously is a sweety...

Great post!

Kari & Kijsa said...

What a wonderful sister and wonderful reunion with an old will look beautiful in your home!

smiles, kari & kijsa

Brook said...

Beautiful book. I've looked for one but haven't found one. I will though eventually. My sister has a good collection of old books just filled with ancient wisdom. Thanks for sharing Rachel.

Anonymous said...


Karla said...

Just think! I might have inherited that book if she hadn't have given it to you! Sniff! Pout!

Okay. I'm over it. Since I didn't even know it existed before today, obviously it means far more to you than it would have to me. Isn't she sweet like that?