Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day and Things That Style Our Nest

Look at this squirrel, nut in mouth, all posed for the camera. Squirrels are plentiful here, and they build huge nests out of leaves high in the trees. They can tell if a nut is good or not, because they leave all of the bad walnuts behind. I know this for a fact! I've checked!
Here he goes, carrying his crunchy find, home to his nest. Can you see the nut in his mouth? I would love to see the inside of a squirrel's nest. I'm so curious to know if there are nuts all over the place, or are they stacked neatly in rows piled high behind a closet wall of leaves.
This neat old wood screen door is my "crunchy juicy nut" of a find that I located over the weekend. It is just another one of my rescued treasures. Someone thought it was a BAD nut and left it behind, but I checked and it's a good one! Isn't is great! I've wanted one of these old screen doors for years. And just look at those tiny spindles that separate the top section from the bottom two. ADORABLE!!! A little scrubbing, a smidgin (is that a word?) of paint, a little primping, and it will go into the perfect spot that I have picked out for it. I'll show you when it's in place. Actually it will probably end up in several places, but I'll show you one of them. OK? Oh, alright, I'll show you several of the places. I'm SO excited about's all in keeping with my motto of late, to celebrate the simple joys that make your heart smile. Life is hard, so look for any happiness you can find. Look for it everyday, I say!

And to help you celebrate St. Patrick's Day, it's all about the leaves on the tree, that is!! Enjoy your day!

Love, Rachel


Rue said...

What a great find!! I love old screen dorrs :) Great pictures of the squirrel too. Shiloh stares at them all day. I think he knows he too old to catch one, but I can tell he wants too. I'm glad he can't!

Rue :)

Rue said...

That would be... doors... ;)

The Going Blog said...

Lovin the new "find". I can almost feel/see your happiness as you saw that treasure. Happy ST Patrick's Day! I'm off to figure out how to make buttermilk for the soda bread I wanted to make for supper.

Angela said...

Great treasure:-). I love to watch squirrels. They are very entertaining, and soo darn cute:-).
Have a wonderful day!

Ronda said...

You are so creative...Can't wait to see how you will "transform" the screen door and where you will put it! Hope that you have a wonderful day...Are you wearing green???(smile)

Alison Gibbs said...

Thanks for sharing the squirrrel photos with us.
Have fun playing with the door.

Esther Sunday said...

MAJOR SCORE!!!!! The possibilities for this door are limitless! Post pics, please, of what you do with it! Love, Esther

Sharon said...

Cute post! I think squirrels are neat too and I also would love to see the inside of their houses. For some reason I imagine that they are really cozy and cute, and probably organized!

Your find is a terrific one. I can't wait to see what you do with it. I have a friend who hung in on her wall sideways above the couch and then hung plates and small pictures inside the openings, so it kind of framed everything. It looked really good!

Hugs, Sharon

Debbie said...

Love the screen door! I've been looking for one too. Show us the pictures when you are done please. I love see how you use all your treasures.

Esther said...

Oh, my goodness, Rachel! What a neat door!! I'm so happy for you! It even looks pretty where you have it! You'll get a lot of miles out of that little prop! :)

Have a fun St. Patrick's Day!

Love you bunches! Esther

Farrah said...

Can't wait to see that door and some of the places you will put it!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Finding joy in every day life...after the rain, looking for the rainbows! With big heaping pots of gold!

Anonymous said...


Alice W. said...

Thanks for visiting!!!

What an amazing find with that screen door!!! I surely would have rescued it as well! I actually have quite a few old doors now floating around my!

Tracie said...

Sweet Rachel,
I love your screen door. I'm sure what ever you do with it will be lovely.

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you, dear friend.

Mommy said...

The squirl is so cute! I can't wait to see what you do with your door. I wanted wooden screen doors instead of closet doors when I was a teenager. I could never persuade my dad to do that, lol! :)

I seem to have a hard time persuading men to appreciate uninqe things, huh? ;-)

Painted Pink Pot said...

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Pikiteniang Swefil said...

Hi Rachel,

I love the white board spec. the form of the foot.

Amazing that people just throw bits & pieces that cost fortune.

Job well done.

ENjoy ur Easter!

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