Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I've Been Tagged Again

I've been tagged 2 times lately. This tag that I'm participating in today is easy peasy! I'm just supposed to show you what is on my fridge. Well, here's the big reveal. Farrah who tagged me made me laugh when she said mine probably looked like something or other that I don't remember exactly...go check her out. Some of the things she writes is so funny. She changes the items on her fridge to match the seasonal decor of the room, every six weeks. Now that is amazing in my opinion.
My fridge typically reveals the mood and current activities of my family. A lot of times it has nothing on it, because I enjoy seeing nothing but a smooth white surface, but right now, I have a scripture taped up there that is inspiring to me, a family picture that was supposed to be mailed to great grandparents in Dec., but hasn't been because I need a frame. There is a form from one son's robotics class telling that they have won a placing in a World Championship in California and he and his teammates are desperately trying to raise the $6,000.00 that they need to go. Of course there is always artwork scattered about, and reminders of some activity or the other. There is an adorable PINK magnet from Brook, that says, "Teacup Cottage". Oh yeah, there are pictures of a friend's cat dressed like Santa and lounging in a little recliner chair that it sits in. It's just a hodge podge of things. Interesting huh?
I hung these eggs for Easter. Can you see them? They'll come down soon.
Have a happy day.
Love, Rachel


Rue said...

I don't have anything on my fridge, but it's always interesting what is on other peoples. I think you can tell a lot by the person that choses to do this and yours makes me believe that you are a warm person with a love for family, but then I alredy knew that from your other posts ;)

I love that chandelier and the eggs are really cute on it!

Rue :)

Karla said...

Fun post! Hope you're having a great day!

Alison Gibbs said...

That was a great post.
Love the eggs on the chandelier.
It is always a shame that you go to the trouble to decorate and then after only a couple of days you have to take it down again

Ronda said...

How fun to see "just what" you have on your frig today! Love the Easter eggs on the chandelier...very creative and cute! Hope that you are having a great day!

Farrah said...

Rachel, you are SO creative! I love the way those eggs look!

And your fridge looks A LOT like mine! LOL! Enjoyed your post! Thanks for playing along! :-)

Pink Icing on the Cake said...

Your little eggs hanging from your chandelier look so cute. I have already taken my Easter decorations down and packed them away.

LeAnn :)

Esther said...

Sounds like you have a busy family going! Good luck on the fund-raising!

The eggs are adorable! I love the colors!

Have a good evening!

Denise said...

Hi Rachel-
Thanks for letting me know you had a blog too! (And what a fun and pretty blog it is) :)
I look forward to visiting often.

BTW - thanks for all your hard work on Easter at church. What awesome & powerful services we had! Incredible!

Brook said...

Hi Rachel. It looks like you had a wonderful Easter with family. I'm so glad you are enjoying the magnet.

I am definitely ready for the sunshine and fun.


Anonymous said...


Sharon said...

I'm the same way, I like my fridge clean, but I do always have a vintage postcard that says Trust in the Lord and three cute little vintage looking magnets. My fridge gets messy though with announcements and reminders for the kids or their awards. I just keep things up for awhile and then take them down.

Your chandilier is so cute with the eggs hanging on it, how clever!

Hugs, Sharon

Tracie said...

Oh gosh Rachel,
I have so many things on my refrigerator... and all of them are french except our daughter's drawings (which are the best of all!). That chandelier is wonderful. Leave it to you to do something precious.
Love, Tracie