Monday, September 15, 2008

Yesterday I was sitting in this cozy nook on the porch enjoying the elements of nature. The sky was overcast and an extremely brisk wind was whipping the branches on the trees. Rain pelted the grass and flowers. Leaves were scattering across the lawn and two hummingbirds were having an air war as they both attempted to raid the feeder, yet defend their territory at the same time. Fall is in the air. I see it. I smell the scents. Summer is passing. Did I live every moment to its' fullest potential? I tried, oh yes I tried.
You know how sometimes quietness and reflection bring sadness and looking toward the future brings hope. Other times it is opposite. Reflection of the past brings joy and looking toward the future brings fear and pain. Twisted emotions, I'd say. But there I sat sheltered and cozy, safe from the storm, and little princess giggled and twirled with glee as the wind blew through her clothes and hair. She was oblivious to all that brought the wind, the rain, the STORM. She was caught up in the moment and the exhilaration. She was living the moment to its' fullest potential. I took it all in; the wind, the rain, the storm, the air wars, the joy, the exhilaration. Twisted emotions, I'd say. But I absorbed them. I allowed myself to learn.
Today is a new day! I will try again.
Have an intentionally happy Monday.
Love, Rachel


bj said...

Your porch is indeed ROMANTIC. I just love it. The curtains wouldn't last 15 minutes out here in West Texas where the wind blows but your porch is sure nice to look at.
Hope your Monday is a good one, too.

Ronda said...

What a beautiful post, Rachel! If only we would stop and absorb those moments more often or simply see life through the eyes of an innocent child... Thanks for your beautiful reminder. It was so nice to see you the other day~if only for a moment! :) Have a blessed Monday!

Debbie said...

Loved your post. Thanks for reminding us that we choose how we react to life events, and to enjoy each moment. Sometimes we need to stop and look at things from a different perspective.
Have a fantastic week!

Esther said...

Wow! A lot to think about! It's fun and enlightening to see the world from the perspective of a child!

Enjoy your day!

Love, Esther

KEITH said...


Sharon said...

I get the same way. I wish I could just be even! Actually, I probably am pretty even, but with raising kids, it is bittersweet to look back on the past, you have great memories, but you get kind of sad that they are all grown up. I tell myself, at least these are real memories and we really did all those fun things. I do not have many regrets for which I am thankful. Ten years from now I will look on these days, longing for these times too. I am sure the future holds many great things for all of us!

Hugs, Shar