Thursday, September 25, 2008

I'm Thankful!

I'm thankful for... family
...running water
...a roof over my head
...warm weather
...beautiful color eyesight
...sounds of music
...the ability to think
What are you thankful for today?
Love, Rachel


Esther said...

I'm thankful for friends and family and God's help every day!

And I'm thankful for you!

Love, Esther

Debbie said...

We take so much for granted. Thank you for reminding us to stop and think of all the things we have to be thankful for, and thanking the ones who have provided for us.

Victoria Lynn said...

My sweet blog sisters and the fact that My God supplies each and every one of my needs!! Thanks for reminding me to be thankful, hehe!!
Hugs, Victoria Lynn

CIELO said...

Good morning, Rachel! This is such a beautiful post.... we are linking to posivite and uplifting posts around blogland with our "Hopeful Friday", and your post is perfect for that... come see!

Have a blessed weekend.


Sharon said...

I'm thankful for answered prayers! I'm thankful for a God who is alive and all knowing and all powerful. Who is just, who is merciful and who is loving! I am thankful for Rachel at Romantic Porch!

Hugs, Sharon

Ronda said...

God IS so good! My heart is full of thanks to Him! I loved your "thankful" list!! :)

Picket said...

Beautiful post girl...we all should spend alittle more time being thankful. I am thankful for my family and friends..I woke up in my right mind this morning and I can see, hear, talk, walk...I am thankful for my health..and this wonderful loved filled life God has blessed me with...I am thankful for freedom in this beautiful country we live in and knowing that I can stand and pray and call out to God anytime I want to...and I am thankful that when I do...I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that my heart is pure before God and He hears and answers my prayers and that once I was lost but now I am found and once I was blind and now I see and know that God is alive and real in my life..I am thankful to have loved and been loved all my life. My heart is so full even now as I thank God for such caring and loving blogger friends just like you dear soul! Have a great weekend!

My Petite Maison said...

I'm thankful for our family's health.

Happy weekend, Rachel!

My Petite Maison said...

...and friend's like YOU ;)

Becky said...

I am thankful for blogs that cause me to take a minute or two to stop and be thankful.

Alice W. said...

All wonderful things to be thankful for!!! I am thankful for so many things...including wonderful blogging friends such as yourself ;)

Farrah said...

All of that and so very much more!

Mo said...

What beautiful foliage!