Saturday, September 20, 2008

OK Let's Try This Again

I started to tell you, three days ago...then blogger wouldn't agree, so I'll try again. Yes, the old house is fine! Well fine that is except for being in an extreme state of disrepair. And it needs someone like me to love it and put candles on the tables and yummy food in the oven and a happy family in the rooms...oh, except that someone would need money to fix it too! I'm sure in the hundred years or so that it has stood along this street and watched life pass by, if it could talk it would tell us so many interesting stories.
Next door to the house is this beautiful old Gothic style church which has been restored to amazing beauty. It serves a congregation, but primarily is used for wedding ceremonies and vow renewal. Many times on Friday night and Saturday there is interesting activity here. But Tuesday, the buzz went to a new level. Hence the drama that befell our tiny downtown.

Have you ever heard of Bret Michaels? Well, me neither. In the 1980's he was the lead singer for the group Poison. Was I living under a rock? About 1 PM Tuesday, 3 huge buses pulled up and they closed off the street. One of the buses was pink and one was baby blue along with this black one seen here. Can you believe I didn't get a picture of the pink one? Well, me neither. Oh but I just remembered that my teenage son did. "Atta boy", says momma. On the back of each bus was a massive decal which said, "Tour of Love". Ever heard of it? Well me neither. Am I living under a rock?
Our local paper describes the Tour of Love series as a "less than wholesome" reality dating show in which Bret Michaels is searching to find love, yes, the love of a wife. It has been reported that the final episode of Season 3, to be seen on VH1, was filmed here. Have you ever seen it? Well, me neither.

hhhmmm, final episode, search for love, wedding chapel?...I hope they acted respectful and reverent in the church during the wedding!

The street was a blurr of activity. Mr. Romantic Porch and I were busy, but the kids strolled on down to take it in. When we could break away, we went down to "observe".

Well, of course, we had to check on the house and all...*cough*

Little princess said it was the biggest party ever. Our two princes said Mr. Michaels wasn't their roll model. Never~the~less, I cheered with my son when he scored an autograph from both Mr. Michaels himself and his ever protective body guard. Anyone wanna buy it! (I'm joking, son)
As the evening shadows beckoned, the crowd melted away. Mr. RP and I strolled down the street, back to our "rock". So now you know what I know! You can always say you found out here first. But, sssshhhhhhhhh, let's don't tell the whole world or anything. It's just our little secret between you and me. OK? Oh, and if the shows producer calls, I've crawled back under a rock!

Love, Rachel


Dori said...

It's kinda sad that they are defiling such a beautuiful chapel with a "less than wholesome" reality show! It's beautiful! Would love to get more pictures of that beautiful chapel at night with those beautiful windows glowing and in the daytime from inside with sun shining through...just imagine how pretty that is!

Patti said...

Hi Rachel!! Ok- don't think badly of me (haha)- but some of those shows- including Rock of Love are my guilty pleasures. It is sometimes fun to see how "
"Hollywood works." We had an opportunity to be around a Johnny Depp movie set last March as he filmed at a town nearby for a few days. Lots of standing around watching and yes- a glimpse of Mr. Depp himself- but I would not have wanted to miss that opportunity for the world.
Gorgeous house- goergeous church- I will keep my eyes peeled for them as the season unfolds!

Have a great weekend and thanks for sharing your secret info!

countrygirl3031 said...

Good morning Rachel ~ don't feel bad, I've never heard of that show or that guy..yikes! That church is beautiful tho..I would love to see more of the inside!

Congrats to your son for the autographs!

Have a great weekend!

Amanda said...

Wow! That was some commotion! I've never heard of this guy nor the show, so the rock must be pretty big (because our family is under it too:)!
But I love that house! I just might have to look it up:)

Barb (Glick) Kamph said...

Ok so I have heard of the guy, ok I am the bad blogger, come on though the 80's had the best music ever!!! Poison--"Every Rose has a Thorn" But as for the show nope never watched and never wanted too, well hopefully it did not end in a marriage that well we all know will end also. How cool, I am sure you could sell those autographs on ebay for a pretty nice price :) Cool church though. Exciting stuff happening in your parts, we are just plain boring around here. :(

Mia's Cottage said...

I would love to be your neighbor! How much is that little beauty going for? P.S. Never heard of the show before either! Donna

Mommy said...

you always post pics of the most beautiful houses, even if they need some "love" they have so much character!

JeannieTheDreamer said...

Rachel. Where do you live??? LOL. I don't know Poison either, now i feel like googling this guy. LOL.
Now about the house. It is a beautiful structure. There is someone meant for it. Someday!

JeannieTheDreamer said...

why don't you write a story about it, make something up and be a best selling author

Tracie~MPMaison said...

Oh Rachel,
I have to say - I did know who Bret Michaels is before I read your explanation. (Working for a division of Warner Bros. and memory for all things trivial, need to use that brain power on something else). I just saw Mr. Michaels on The View not too long ago and I had the impression that he had changed his ways from what was said... hmm... All that excitement in your little town - how fun, I wonder if "the house" will make it into the video.
That is a great shot of the house and the church looks beautiful too.
Your son should put the autograph up on Ebay and maybe he could buy the house for you ;) Too bad it wasn't someone like George Clooney or a singer like Tony Bennett with class oozing all over. Okay, enough - I'll save the rest for later!

Alice W. said...

Wow...I can't believe they are doing three of those...well actually I can with TV these days :(. Anyways...the old house looks like it sure would be fun to restore...and I love old pretty churches!

Marybeth said...

Ok, I have to share my Bret Michaels story! When I was 18, I was in New Orleans with my friend Karen on our graduation trip. We were eating in the Hard Rock Cafe and seated across from us was Mr Michaels and the rest of Poison. We didn't care a flip about their music, but figured we would get their autographs for our boyfriends, who at least knew who they were. So, when we walked up to them, we asked them to sign the autographs to "Mike" and "Scott." They got these hurt looks on their faces.
"You don't want our autographs?" Mr Michaels asked. We shyly shook our heads no. "Oh, let me guess," he said, "You don't listen to us. You listen to U2 and REM." We smiled really big and nodded, as now he was speaking our language. He shook his head, signed the autographs and turned back to his group and the questionable girls who had draped themselves across the band members.
That story still makes me laugh! I was much older before I realized that you shouldn't tell a famous person that you don't want their autograph and don't listen to their music!

Patti said...

Hi Rachel- I wanted you to know the episode that you described is on now-lol!!! It's cool to know that that is your neighborhood and that you told about it first! Beautiful area!!!