Monday, June 9, 2008

Monday Again!

Living life to the fullest, is filled with moments. Sometimes those moments are happy and joyful. Other times they are filled with sorrow, sadness, and instant regret.
Keep moving step in front of the other. I want to look back and "fix things". But that only robs me of the energy and creativity of facing today, the tasks at hand. Looking back blurs this moment, and this moment is all I have. I don't want to waste it. It slips by so quickly.
As I take a deep breath and square my shoulders to face today, a new week, I ask you, is it just me, or does everyone look back and want to "fix things"?

Love, Rachel


Marfa said...

You have a lovely blog. I really like your creative work in painting a rug. I have tile in my house so its impossible to paint a rug. But I think that it looks fabulous. Plus, when it get dirty your don't have to vacuum I found your blog on someone's list of favorites and I simply had to add it to my list of favorites so that I remember to keep coming back. The name is also very pretty. I love front porches!

Ronda said...

Good morning, Rachel! Life wouldn't be life without all of it's "moments", happy or sad! I loved the "teddy bear moment" that you pictured! (My personality is one that wants to fix things, too!) I know that you have a "caring", giving heart...I think that makes you experience life more deeply! Hope that your Monday is beautiful....may you feel God's love!

Alison Gibbs said...

Hi Rachel, don't you just love it when the kids line up their toys like that. Great collection of 'My Little Pony's'

CIELO said...

Love the sweet "teddy bear moment"... isn't that what life is all about: Sweet moments that becomes our treasures...



Tara said...


I'm listening, I'm listening!

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

That is just too cute! You take care and stay safe and dry!

M ^..^