Friday, June 27, 2008

Porch Time By Firefly Light

I hope you are having plenty of "porch time". That is what I call quality time spent on your porch. I love to sit on the porch in a comfy chair during a thunderstorm, or watch the lightening bugs (fireflies) twinkle their light as they signal their mate in the twilight of evening. But then we get up and run all around the yard trying to catch them. In the winter on my blog, I showed you this house covered in snow. Isn't it pretty now?
Down the street from us is this adorable little brown cottage. It looks like the owner enjoys porch time too! During the summer, when our schedule permits, we eat almost every meal on our porch. What do you use your porch for?

Have a fun weekend on your porch!
Love, Rachel


Mandie said...

We like to sit on our porch during rain storms too. We like to sit out there in the evening when it has cooled down and the breeze is blowing by. Specially after we mow. Nothing beats a cool drink and an evening on the porch. I love the painted rug you did, looks great!

miss gracies house said...

Do you really have lightening bugs? I've never seen one...

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

I LOVE porch time too :) Those houses are just darling! Like a painting!


Debbie said...

That house is beautiful. I love the porches. They remind me of lazy summer evenings, talking to neighbors, and taking time to enjoy conversation with family.

Country Liv . . . said...

Helloooo Rachel! I see you've been very busy while I've been away. Very nice fleu de leiss on your 'rug.' I think it turned out really pretty; I'd be having a hissy fit if anyone tracked mud on it.

When I lived in Virginia, we use to sit out on the deck and enjoy the summer evenings but down here it's just totally too hot to sit outside in the summer. We were having 100 degree weather in May! I might as well live in Florida! When I was a child, I remember sweet summer evening when my family and our neighbors all sat on our front porches. Their would be crickets chirping, frogs croaking, and whip-o-wills calling. We'd catch the lightening bugs and play tug boat and get grass stains all over our elbows and knees! Ah, to be young and carefree again . . . Thanks for the trip down memory lane Rach!

Tracie said...

Hi Rachel,
Your porch looks beautiful!
That little brown house and it's porch is very cute.
I just spent the last couple of days cleaning off the front porch, sweep, sweep, sweep and replanting - guess we all have the bug.
Happy weekend!

Cottage Rose said...

We have a patio out back, but it does not keep up from our lovely neighbor's they are out in their back yard also. I love to sit out when there is a thunderstorm. Or just sit and watch all the birds find worm or bugs, and listen to them sing. Love your porch, I do miss having one, I am thinking of making a sitting area under my three trees out front. I would have lots of cool shade then. hummmmmmmm I just might do that.
thanks for the memories.

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

I love to sit in the swing on our porch (or lie on it reading!) Unfortunately, here in FL we don't get to enjoy it very much during the hot summer days. We do get wonderful quality time in the spring, fall, and even wintertime though!


Patti said...

I am a porch addict!! I love to do drive bys on houses and see how they decorate their front porches. A few years ago, my husband built a covered front porch onto our Cape Cod style house. We are the only ones that have a front porch and we get comments all the time about how lucky we are! I agree! I spend lots of time out on the porch reading or writing and sometimes just daydreaming. I like to take my tea out there first thing in the morning when it's all quiet, just to see the neighborhood come alive. I too enjoy watching the fireflies dart past in the summer evenings. My favorite porch moment was during a snowfall, my daughter and I wrapped up in quilts, drinking hot chocolate, sitting on the porch benches as the snowflakes drifted slowly down; it was magical! There's just something about a porch...

Gayle said...

Sunday naps! There is something about laying on my wicker love seat that just puts me to sleep. I go out with a glass of iced tea, a magazine, and before you know it I am asleep!