Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Hobby and Lots of Talent

My Dad started woodcarving when he was 75. For a span of 9 years he carved a few hundred pieces, of various kinds. This Indian Chief has always been my husband's favorite of all of daddy's carvings. I can still hear Daddy saying that when you look at a piece of wood, it tells you what it wants to be. You can see the design in the chunk of knots and gnarls. As I get older, I understand more clearly what he meant by that statement. I can apply it to a lot of areas of my life actually.

He loved to paint his pieces with a colored stain, so the grain of the wood most usually would show through. He carved a Sea Captain like this for each of his 10 children. However, each Captain is slightly different, because he made them as separate individuals.
My daddy was an amazing man. These carvings are just a small glimpse of his hobbies and talents.

This carving titled "Coffee Time" is a cowboy crouched over a campfire, making coffee. Years ago, when land surveyors were first mapping the United States ( ie. Lewis and Clark expedition, etc.) each "survey party" also had a cook that traveled with the group and fixed meals for the surveyors over a campfire. I think this little guy is telling me that the coffee is ready. Come on, join me. Let's talk over coffee.

I hope your day is wonderful.

Love, Rachel


Farm Chick Paula said...

How neat, Rachel!! I love those carvings... he certainly was an artist.
I'll take my coffee with cream, please!! LOL

miss gracies house said...

HI Rachel,
My friend, Gayle (from chois), sent me over~nice blog!
I've enjoyed watching your progress on your house and love that front door! I just laughed at the $50.00 offer-ya right!
I'll be back to visit again-I've added you to my blog list!
Have a great day!


What a sweet post Rachel. You're dad definately was a clever man! And starting carving at 75 ?? ohmygosh ! I couldnt carve my initials into a twig..LOL.
Truly amazing and talented.

Oh can i have hot chocolate instead of coffee?? i dont drink tea or coffee.....i'll bring the marshmallows but!

Love Shann xo

Ronda said...

Amazing! How neat that your Dad didn't stop living life when he was older but was creative and started something new...Those pieces are so pretty! I know that you treasure them! Hope that you are having a great day, too!(I'll be right over for a cup of coffee!~ smile)

Debbie said...

Your daddy was so talented! the carvings are amazing. It's wonderful that each one of your family have a beautiful piece from him

Toots said...

I enjoyed this post so much, Rachel. What sweet memories and treasures for you and your family.

Anonymous said...

What a gift he was given. Those are beautiful.


Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Wow! Your dad was a great woodcarver! I like his words of wisdom too!


KEITH said...


Tracie said...

Hi Sweet Friend~
What a wonderful post about your father. It speaks to my heart (you know most of your posts do - or all...)
My Step-Dad since I was 12 is a wonder of working with his hands as well... I think I know why we are kindred spirits now (besides the decorating)... Your father did amazing work - you don't see that pride in craftmanship anymore. What a proud daughter, guess I know where all that creativity came from now. He's in your heart and thank you for sharing his art with us all now.
Love, Tracie

Glenda~Many Fond Memories said...

Your father had a talent that now is shared. I like how you've displayed them.