Monday, September 30, 2013

What It Means To Be An American Citizen

Indianapolis Power and Light Building
 I was asked to write an acknowledgement, to be read at a ceremony honoring one who has  recently become a naturalized citizen of the USA.  The ceremony took place in another state and I was not privileged to attend, however it was my pleasure to assist in honoring her for this accomplishment. 
With permission, I share this today. 
What It Means To Be An American Citizen


You are an American Citizen now.
 We celebrate with you today.
 Those of us who are American by birth applaud you and welcome you.
 We honor you for your choices and hard work that brought you to this moment,
 a moment etched in time.

America is known as the Land of Opportunity.
As you know, many nationalities and cultures are the face of an American.
My great-great-grandparents came from England and France and Germany
and though I am an American by birth,
 at one time,
 my ancestors stood
 on the threshold of hope and freedom just like you are today.
 Though they were distinct individuals with strengths and unique abilities,
 they came longing for the new beginning offered here.

So when you came to the United States of America as an individual with character and integrity,
 you most likely came with hope for a bright future,
 and along with that hope you also brought strengths and unique abilities.
 You brought abundant experiences,
 and perspective from a life lived beyond these borders of what is now your home.

You are an individual who is special and crafted by God for this moment.
 As God's eyes scanned the horizon of time,
 He knew that you would be needed here.
 So plans have fallen in place and dreams have been fulfilled
 for this time when we celebrate with you.

Being an American doesn't strip you of your heritage or your unique experiences and talents.
It doesn't take away your purpose in life.
 Oh no, when you came bearing those rich experiences and wonderful talents,
 and then CHOSE to become American,
 you chose freedom,
 FREEDOM to be uniquely you and free to pursue life,
 the life you long for.
 You are free to celebrate liberty and fulfill your purpose,
 and you're free to pursue happiness,
 the happiness you will find in serving others.

Though you are one individual, unique and gifted with talent,
 now you choose to become one of us and stand for the freedom we all hold so dear.
 Each one of us, uniquely individual, standing together with others,
 united and undivided in our purpose for freedom,
 that is an American.

So I say Welcome and Congratulations,
 and may you find great happiness in fulfilling your purpose as an American.

God bless you and God bless the United States of America.
 Rachel Easley Going

Friday, September 27, 2013

Who Decides This Stuff?

Have you heard that a first impression is made in only four seconds?
4 seconds
Uh OH!
And if you happen to be a magazine ad,
 you only have TWO seconds to make your first impression.

However, since you most likely are not a magazine ad,
 you have a two second leeway!
Just thought you'd want to know.
You're welcome!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

It's Official. It's BUG WEEK!

Well hello there little guy!
What's the view like from up there?
You and your siblings must have decided that you like to visit our porch.
How many of your family is here?
I see you and your brothers and sisters
 (or is that your parents?)
on the porch rafters and the windows and the rocking chairs
 and the hummingbird moths pulling nectar from the flowers
 and those noisy cicadas that keep landing on the porch floor and making that bzzzzzzz sound
 and the mosquitoes that enjoyed us as their tasty meal last night.

 Because of all this buggy activity,
I've officially named this week,
Yes, it's Bug Week at A Romantic Porch.
Doesn't that make you feel special and proud, Mr. Bug?
You should.
Cold days are coming and soon you'll be gone.

Oh and by the way,
are you a
Praying Mantis
Preying Mantis
 Walking Stick?
Just what do you call yourself Mr. Bug?

And one more thing,
the most important thing,
though I really hesitate to call this to your attention.
Here at A Romantic Porch we generally say all visitors are welcome,
however when I learned that your nearest relatives are
termites and cockroaches,
I really don't want them to come.
So, maybe...
don't let them know you are having such a wonderful time here.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Have You Ever Seen This?

Each evening lately, as dusk is approaching, we see hummingbird moths hovering over our flowers. 
 Look closely, maybe even squint. In the upper third of the photo you should be able to see it.

The first time I saw one, it caught me a tad bit off guard.

It felt a little weird to realize this thing was a bug!
Their flight patterns and movements are eerily similar to hummingbirds.

But as I got used to the idea and began to watch it use its long needle like "tongue" to gather nectar, I realized as it "ate" it was pollinating the flowers.

As they fluttered and flew from bloom to bloom, I found them to be difficult to photograph with the camera on my phone!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Now Tell Me What Would You Have Done?

 Rachel Polly Pocket donned her pink Polly Pocket dress and accessed the situation. 
 Work was non-stop for everyone at Polly Pocket Castle. 
There were not enough hours in the day to mark off the To Do List and she would lie awake at night worrying
 about customers and jobs and her family
and world crisis and starving children and homeless people
 and the near extension of the Quetzal bird in Central America
...well sorta that and some of the other stuff...sorta.
And worry wasn't changing anything.
She knew that change would only come with doing something different.
  She saw that the smallest of the Polly Pocket family had a very empty emotional tank and this was causing the little one much frustration.
 So Rachel Polly Pocket told the smallest of the Polly Pocket family that they would just leave the Polly Pocket Castle behind and do something bake a cake OR play pretend Polly Pockets.
While the cake cooled on the rack,  they flew through the dining room on their own private jet, headed to a cruise ship located off the Island of Hawaii, aka, dining room walkway.
 For the last leg of the journey to the cruise ship, they boarded an elaborate purple helicopter.
  Once they arrived at the cruise ship they just played and played and had fun.
Then they ate warm cake straight from the cake pan and washed it all down right quick with icy cold milk.
But they shared part of the cake with the male members of the Polly Pocket family.
And everyone in the Polly Pocket smiled and said it was very good.
Given those same circumstances, now tell me what would you have done?
That's what Rachel Polly Pocket did.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

FALL and Becoming

Favorite photos from a previous Autumn

Dear Readers,  Some of you have wondered...did I find her?  Yes, after several failed attempts, I found my teacher, "Mrs. Fisher", and we have reconnected through Facebook.  I am overjoyed.
I knew you would want to know!

Did you see the leaves on the trees grow limp and droopy?
I'm certain you've seen this as Summer has worn on.
As Fall approaches the trees look like they're longing for change.
Maybe they are ready for cooler weather.
Or maybe it is the refreshing rain for which they are longing.

Now Fall has arrived!
Today is the day!
Yesterday as we drove on one of our main streets in town we talked about the last day of Summer.
You probably did that too!
And did you notice every time you drove past that big maple tree the leaves seemed to change a little more, almost within an hour?

This morning, yet again, the colors were more vibrant and distinct.
I'm sure you noticed it too.
Everything is still MOSTLY green.
I mean the leaves are still mostly green when I say everything.
I squint my eyes and I wonder.

I wonder about all the color.
I wonder about all the beauty.
Did you squint your eyes and wonder about any of this?
This beauty and color for a few  weeks will be splashed across the landscape before falling away.
But right now it is hidden under green.

Autumn is beautiful here in Indiana in a Mid-Western sort of way.
There are festivals and pumpkins and mums and hot cider and bon fires AND s'mores.
Do you enjoy Fall activities?
Surely you have a favorite.
Fall is miraculous, a seasonal MIRACLE.

I am always amazed every time I see the green change to vibrant color.
Please tell me it amazes you too.
The color is hidden under the green waiting for cool days.
It is waiting for some gentle rain.
It is waiting for some stiff wind.

All this brings change from green to color.
And I wonder since the miracle of color lays beneath the green in the leaves,
then what miracle is waiting to surface in me and in YOU?
There is a miracle in YOU.
Did you know that?

It may take a season, or several seasons.
It may take drought and hard times.
It may take some gentle or pelting rain.
It may take cool breezes or even stiff wind.
The elements will bring change.

In its time,
a season will come,
a miracle will happen,
Hold tight!
What are your thoughts as you squint your eyes and wonder?

There is a time for everything,
and a season for every activity under the heavens:
2 a time to be born and a time to die,
a time to plant and a time to uproot,
3 a time to kill and a time to heal,
a time to tear down and a time to build,
4 a time to weep and a time to laugh,
a time to mourn and a time to dance,
5 a time to scatter stones and a time to gather them,
a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing,
6 a time to search and a time to give up,
a time to keep and a time to throw away,
7 a time to tear and a time to mend,
a time to be silent and a time to speak,
8 a time to love and a time to hate,
a time for war and a time for peace.
9 What do workers gain from their toil? 10 I have seen the burden God has laid on the human race. 11 He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end.
Old Testament Holy Bible Ecclesiastes 3

Friday, September 20, 2013

Mrs. Fisher, I NEVER expected this!

I hold no illusions of myself.
You know,
 such as:
 I'm grand or glorious,
or brilliant,
or funny,
or interesting,
 or that people clamor after my opinion.
Nope, that's not the way I think of myself.
I'm just me,
doing what I can,
 to do my best,
with my circumstances,
right now,
this moment.
When I wrote my first blog post almost six years ago
 (which I never published),
I really didn't know where this blog would take me. 

There are so many fabulous and famous bloggers out there.
Fortunately, they are willing to share tips on building a great blog.
I take those tips to heart,
though often, time doesn't allow me to place a priority on implementing those tips.

People love to read what the famous bloggers write and share.
I enjoy their blogs too.
I love to read what they write,
 their funny "take" on life,
or decorating,
or cooking,
or simply,
 ever so simply,
bringing me a new thought to ponder.

In 2007, my niece and I were discussing blogs.
She's had a blog since "blog time" began.
She knows the ins and outs of blogging.

She said I needed a blog and generously set one up for me.
I thought maybe I could sell some of the stuff I made through one.

A series of twists and turns in life left me using my blog to write.
Nope, not sell the stuff I made.
Just write.
Then my blog was hacked, hijacked!
It was taken from my administration and restructured by an "author" from who knows-what-or-where.
I felt violated.
My words had been cast to the wind.
After several weeks, when my blog was once again my own,
it was with great uncertainty that I forged on.
I wanted to quit.
Give up.
Throw in the towel.
Yell, "loser"!
Hang my head in shame.
Something compelled me to proceed.
Cautiously, I started once again to brave the depths of vulnerability.

I love to write.
I remember receiving a brown diary for Christmas when I was nine years old.
I was so proud of it.
It was a place for words of my own.
When I was a Freshman in High School, Mrs. Fisher, my English teacher, challenged us to write in a journal every day.

Actually, she required it.

She was my English teacher 9-12 grade, and the journal was required every year.
Yes, I have all four years of High School, written in journals.
I guarded my journal carefully.
It was filled with pages of me, shy, uncertain, self-conscious, determined, little me.
If it would have been scattered and torn or ripped and cast to the wind I would have crumbled and melted right into the red clay soil of Northwest Arkansas.
Well, that's what I thought then.
Life has taught me I would have survived!

With her vivacious and energetic personality, Mrs. Fisher instilled in me a love for transposing thoughts or activities to written words.
I should find her and thank her.
Yes, I should thank her for all she nurtured in my learning and her part in becoming who I am today.
Through her class journal assignment,
she made me write when I didn't want too.
She required me to write when the thoughts were too difficult for transcription.
She insisted that I record my thoughts and activities when I was too busy.
And she allowed me to feel the joy of thoughts flowing freely into words.
In my memory, I can still see her beautiful brown curly hair and her petite frame moving from desk to desk to desk as she quickly circled the classroom and put a red check mark at the top of each student's completed journal page, and recording credit in her grade book.
She did this every school day.
I think often of the effort required on her part because this was an assignment for all of her students.
She said, "I will never read what you write.  Those are your thoughts, your words.  However, you must write one page.  I will check to see that you did the assignment each day.  You will receive credit for doing it."

I LOVED this assignment.
It was like my Christmas gift diary.
Only it was all grown up now!

Her system of checking our work,
 balanced against the assurance we could write whatever we chose, gave me freedom for expression.

So in 2007, when I first wrote the blog post, that remains unpublished,
I hung on the edge of fear, knowing that if I hit publish, suddenly with one key stroke,
 my thoughts  which I had translated to words,
 would no longer be my own.
Even now, when I click to publish a new post,
the fear surfaces because
the thoughts that have become words,
 are with the click of the cursor, 
 no longer mine,
they become ours.
They are now words that can be loved or criticized or despised or treasured.
They are simply scattered beyond my reach,
no longer guarded and held tightly in my arms, secured between  the front and back flimsy cardboard flaps and spiral wire binding
 of my journal.

Across these blog years,
I never expected to have people, some strangers, reach my direction, through private messages,
and other means of communication
 and tell me things with which they were dealing.
I never expected for someone to tell me that what I said through written words had given them a new focus...
...a new perspective.

I carry these people, and their concerns close to my heart.
I have been blessed by their stories.
It strengthens my resolve to live wisely and graciously.
When someone out there tells me they been touched by words read here...

I am humbled,
truly humbled.
I never expected it!
I'm writing for us,
 you and me,
for Mrs. Fisher,
 and those looking for a glimmer of joy and a fresh breath of hope.
Thank you from the depths of my being for letting me know the words have come full circle.

I think I will see if I can find Mrs. Fisher.
thank HER!
This is proof positive that a teacher's influence never stops.

If and when I do find her,
hopefully she will go easy on my sentence structure and grammatical errors
 and other things of importance to the English language!
Maybe she'll even put a little red check mark at the top of the page and record credit for it!

And also~
to those who've suggested it,
yes, I have started the book.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

I Saw It Again

I saw the white squirrel again a couple of blocks from home.
He's an illusive little fellow.
When I saw him I drove slowly in hopes of getting a great photo.
However, he scurried around a house and climbed up on this fence.
He sure seemed to be enjoying that walnut.
He was quite a distance away and I zoomed in with the camera on my phone.
The picture didn't turn out well.
 That's obvious, isn't it?
I'm glad I saw him again.
Maybe one of these days I will get a great picture.
Have you seen a white squirrel?

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A First Date

Yesterday was the anniversary of our first date.
I wanted to celebrate...
do something...
rather than work!
Still it was a good day.
At least we have work.
At least we can work!
I am glad.
She made us a card for our first date anniversary.
It was so touching.
We talked about our first date.
She said, "Wow! Were y'all 12?"
In unison we said, "Yes! We were!"
We all laughed!
We probably weren't really 12.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Smile It's Harvest Time!

 Dr. Farmer is driving his tractor to the field.  Harvest is in full swing on the farm, all around us, in our lives too!

I used to hear people say, "We've gotta make hay while the sun shines!"
Do you say that now?
I do!
You may as well smile and be happy!
 Being grumpy doesn't make the work load any easier or go any faster.
So what do you do when your "to do list" is longer than the hours in the day?

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Decorating with a Miracle, (and other thoughts about decorating with Pine Cones)

As we've taken walks we've enjoyed collecting these Pine Cones.
Decorating with Pine Cones is so easy.
I'm amazed with how their paper thin "petals" are held in place with the center core.
I saw some Pine Cones hanging from the tip top of a tree. 
There were no Pine Cones hanging lower.
There was no way to reach them way up there.
They were hanging like Christmas ornaments.
They were pale yellow in color. 
 I supposed they weren't ripe yet.
There are male Pine Cones.
There are female Pine Cones.
The pollen from the male Pine Cones fertilize the female Pine Cones.
Once fertilized it  can take years for a female Pine Cone to open so the seeds can be dispersed through the air.
Some Pine Cones only release their seeds through the heat of a forest fire.
Without wind, without fire a Pine Cone cannot dispense the seeds of a mighty Pine.
Pine Cones are miraculous little bits of beauty.
I have several miracles laying right on the table on the porch.
A Pine Cone is a  miracle.
Yes I decorated with several miracles the other day.
We picked them up.
In our hands.
We held them.
Stacked then.
Turned them around.
In our hands.
We held a miracle.
Several of them.
That stuns me!
Humbles me.
Holds me in awe.
Do you feel like you are hanging?
From the tree tops.
Waiting for the wind.
For something.
For someone.
A career.
Or have you fallen?
Fearfully like a Pine Cone,
laying on the edge of the sidewalk,
to be kicked or scuffed along by the tip of a cruel toe?
Your toe?
The toe of another?
The black treads of an oncoming tire.
Cruel treads.
Pain searing your fragile "petals".
Hope ebbs.
Resourcefulness wains.
Fear crouches.
Trust falters.
There is hope!
There is beauty.
There is ONE who smiles on you.
Shows favor.
Picks you up.
Turns you over.
In HIS palm.
In HIS hand.
Pierced hand.
Sees your potential.
Your usefulness.
Your strength.
And you are a miracle.
Like a Pine Cone braving the elements.
Let go.
Into HIS arms.
Feel HIS hands.
Pierced hands.
HE sees your beauty.
HE kindles the flame of your potential.
It may take wind, strong wind, mighty storms, raging fires for your potential to grow into a mighty Pine, a strong person, the person you are meant to be.
"Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go."
Old Testament Holy Bible Joshua 1:9

Thursday, September 12, 2013

How To Build A Deck From Pallets (with no hammer or nails)

Remember one of the few days in March  that was warm enough to be outside working?
And you found yourself
at home alone?
Unheard of!
With NO car!
You were just absolutely stuck at home at the pure mercy of yourself.
Remember how it was such a bare bones kind of day?
It was the kind of day that if it's gonna happen,
ya just gotta grit your (or yer) teeth (or tooth) and make it happen!
Remember how it was the kind of day that was cloudy and overcast and slightly warm?
And remember how there was just a teeny tiny hint
 of cabin fever
 stirring in your bones?
And you had a ton of work to do,
 but the wheels of the grill were sinking into the freshly thawed soil,
 you knew that the wheels of the grill were so HIGHLY important that they couldn't possibly be allowed to sink into the freshly thawed soil,
you thought about how incredibly hard it is to grill and balance yourself while wearing high heels 
(because doesn't everyone wear high heels when they grill)
 and not let your heels sink right into the freshly thawed soil also, 
 you knew how high heels are HIGHLY important too,
(haha, that's funny)
remember how you thought
just maybe,
 it would get warm enough
hopefully at least by September
to actually use the grill?  
So remember what you did?
You just rolled up your pretty little sleeves,
or maybe you simply took off your jacket,
but anyway,
even though you were all alone,
you built yourself
a little bitty perfectly splendiferous
 in the full disclosure of honesty,
 as I hang my head,
I admit,
 I am the one who built the
It was just so simple it's almost unbelievable
and I'm not sure if I should be "appropriately" proud
or "stingingly" humiliated.
That's how simple it is!
Our son came home from college and said,
"Mom, aren't you gonna make the deck come all the way over to the porch?"
"Well, not right now, I'm not.  You and your dad can do that."

He must think I'm really amazing like that.
Maybe he was trying to build my confidence.
He was probably embarassed of how it looked!

However, after adding mulch and a few flowers, our REDNECK DECK, grilled its little self right through Spring, and Family Reunion, and late Summer and early Fall.
Who knows? 
Maybe we will use it to roast marshmallows on Christmas Eve, because after all, my high heels won't sink in the dirt!
So here's the how to:
We have a fire pit.
That's another story.
I won't tell that now.
Be glad!
We allow the neighbors to put things on the fire pit to burn.
(Definition: n. fire pit - a place for cozy and romantic talks around  a fire of small and well contained  glowing embers where the cheerful participants are seated on hollow logs or plush bales of straw -
Definition: n. fire pit - also known as burn pile where previously mentioned fire of small and well contained glowing embers is actually a huge roaring blaze which singes the leaves of the nearby ash tree and the cheerful participants are standing on guard with a 100' length of garden hose spouting water into the fire in hopes of keeping the local fire department at bay.)
Our fire pit more closely fits the latter description of burn pile!
Due to a series of events that is a VERY VERY VERY long story the sorts of which I will probably never disclose here,
(be glad about that too)
our burn pile had grown quite large with pieces of wood and vines and such.
One cold blustery day in the winter some wonderful someone put a PALLET there on the burn pile.
I have no idea whom I can thank for bequeathing such a lovely piece of usefulness to us.
But right there it was, a wood pallet, on the burn pile, waiting its turn to be consumed in flames. 
It was the fabulous kind of wood pallet fit for all sorts of amazing creations.
As I looked at it
(and it looked longingly back at me, I think)
after a little thought and consideration...
I realized that it would be just absolutely a fine thing to do on that cloudy and overcast and slightly warm day
in March,
to make a deck from the pallet.
I'm sure it shouted YIPPEE as I pulled it from the burn pile.
I'm just almost certain of that.
So I laid the pallet on the ground.
I found a piece of plywood.
I laid the plywood on top of the wood pallet.
The two fit together just splendidly.
Like of course,
 the wood pallet and the plywood,
 so totally knew that someday, someone, somewhere,
would see their potential and bring them together.
The only problem I had with the whole proposition
was that three corners of my deck were just a little unstable
if you stood over there on the corner,
because the pallet wasn't the same size as the sheet of plywood.
I'm absolutely CERTAIN that it had nothing at all to do with the fact that I was not using
hammer and nails.
This was a "use -what- you- have- on- hand- don't- buy- a- single- bit- of- anything" kind of day or project rather.
Though I admit, we do have hammers and nails of all sorts and sizes.
But I just didn't want to use any.
Because, that's why!
And it is much more interesting to me now that I stuck to my guns
(whatever that means)
and didn't use a hammer or nails.
However, we had a few cement blocks stacked away,
that I was willing to drag all the way around there,
and with a little leveling of the dirt with a shovel, the cement blocks stabilized the edges just fine.
Just as I started to paint the deck floor, it began to rain.
I finished painting it later.

Earlier this week we received a beautiful full color pamphlet in the mail from a local builder.
In it large custom homes were showcased and they even had sketches of the floor plans.
Our son was amazed at the opulence of one of the homes.
He said, "Look Mom, this one even has a GRILL DECK!"
"Grill deck?" I thought. 
Grill deck, yes, yes not REDNECK DECK!
That's it!!

I said, "Well of course, we have a GRILL DECK too!"
And I pointed out that way.
He smiled.
"Yes mom, I know.  Of course we do!"

Though I highly doubt that our Grill Deck is quite to the quality and character of the opulent space advertised in the pamphlet, at least he agreed with me!

So that my sweet peeps...
if you've stayed with me to the brutal end...
is how you build a grill deck out of a wood pallet with no hammer or nails.

You're welcome!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

There Is SO MUCH To Say

On the blank pages in the back of my mother's Bible, she wrote  words
 that have had profound impact on what I say and write.

Though she is gone, she still has influence.
She wrote:
Is it true?
Is it kind?
Is it necessary?
All words should be put through this filter.
So I ask myself:
Is it true?
  Of course.
Is it kind? 
 Yes, certainly.
Is it necessary?!
Not necessary at all.
So I stop.
Don't say it.
Don't write it.
Don't finish my words,
delete an email,
a blog post,
a text.
And a lot of times I fail.
MOST of the time, I feel like I fail.
But still I try.
I strive.
That's all.


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

This Is When You Know It Is Really Really Bad!

 You know it is really really bad,
 when you are working on your blog
 and the laptop is taken from your hands
 and she begins to read along,
then laughter and giggles ensue.
"Seriously mom, you really said THAT?"
"Well now that was certainly unexpected!"
louder giggle
bubbling giggle 
more comments stifled through laughter
I don't know what was so funny.
Well, yeah, actually,
 I do know why she was laughing and giggling.
She was reading MY blog.
You know it's really really bad
when SHE laughs at you!
However, I did enjoy hearing the laughter bubble from deep inside.
 never ever
 never ever
 want to forget it.
~giggles and laughter~
and more
~giggles and laughter~
 I'm posting it here.
I want to look back and remember.
And smile!
I told 'em I was going to paint the red chandelier, orange.
"Why mom, for Halloween?"
"No, for Fall, y'all.
You know the fall porch decor, and all?"
"Uh uh, no way, NOT orange, absolutely not. 
 After all it's practically Christmas!" she said.
This time, I wasn't laughing,
 because I will blink twice and it WILL be Christmas!
So for now the chandelier stays red,
cheerfully hanging right there at the end of the porch,
 "after all it's practically Christmas!"
As you probably guessed the chandelier is no longer hanging under the white tent.
And a red chandelier is just fine with the fall porch decor.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Have You Found Yourself?

Have you found yourself waiting for a pink house with a darling porch?
Yeah, probably not!
Have you found yourself
to go
to leave
to get older
to graduate
to finish the next deadline
to get married
to be noticed
to sign a great contract
to buy a new house
to pay off the car
to get the kids raised
to retire
until you look around and realize that...
life has passed
time has flown by
in the waiting...
life happened?

Don't wait!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Another Miracle!

How do you keep from falling,
 keep from wrecking,
keep from going head over heels along the pavement,
 into the ditch,
when your bicycle wheel bends while in full motion,
 the full motion of a cyclist on a mission,
the mission of speed and miles?

Some would say, "Aaah, it's because it's the back wheel."

Those people would be mechanics,
and physicists and aeronautical engineers and doctors and lawyers and smart people and wise people
 and people with years of experience
 in all things "smart-ish" and "wise-ish".
And that's not in anyway meant as an insult to mechanics, and physicists and aeronautical engineers and doctors and lawyers and smart people and wise people and people with years of experience in all things "smart-ish" and "wise-ish".

Because I LOVE "smart-ish" and "wise-ish" people.
In fact I LIVE with them.
I am surrounded by "smart-ish" and "wise-ish" people.


Yes, a plain ole' momma, who prays protection over her kids minute by minute...
It's nothing short of a miracle through my eyes.
Miracles are all around us.
A mother's prayers are answered!