Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What's The Plan?

I'm still enjoying the sights and sounds of Spring!
This is the birthplace and childhood home of famous Hoosier author and poet, James Whitcomb Riley.
Though the mock cherry blossoms have burst forth in full array of color, the dead leaves of winter still lay on the rooftop.  This amuses me.  I suppose I'm easily amused!
The longer I live in Indiana, I realize just how famous Mr. Riley truly was.
He died in 1916.  When I  think of the extensive traveling that he did for speaking engagements, and the conditions in which he would have traveled, I am amazed at how far his reputation spread. 
How did that happen without twitter and instagram?
 Though he never married nor had children, his love of children is evident all these years later.
In 1916, a group of prominent citizens started a foundation to open a hospital in memory of Mr. Riley.
The James Whitcomb Riley Children's Hospital
opened in Indianapolis, in 1924.
Today, Riley Hospital for Children, is a premier hospital in the care of children.  I have been following the blog of a mother who has a little boy who is there waiting on a heart transplant.  He has been hospitalized since October.
If you would enjoy following his story, click on the word "blog" in the paragraph above.
This family is growing weary, very weary with their journey.  Please pray for extra strength.
Honestly I don't know them, but it doesn't matter to me if I do or not, I still pray for them.
I know a darling and amazing nurse who will be caring for this child once he receives his heart and is transfered to her floor.
I'm sure this family appreciates any prayers.
Winter was long and cold, but in retrospect it passed quickly.  Spring is here and April is over.  I'm breathless as I realize that I must not...no I MUST NOT squander one precious moment that I have been given.
I must pursue NOW.  Make the most of NOW.  This is what I have.  If I am wise with this moment and the next if it comes, the next and next, etc., then I will have a life well lived.
That's my plan.
What is your plan for this beautiful Spring day?

Monday, April 29, 2013

The Long Way

Though it is still cold and wet, when I see images such as this around town I know that Spring has come.
Yes, I will definitely circle a block to see beauty such as this.
I'm willing to take the long way home.
Beauty is all around.
I don't want to miss one tiny bit of it.
I'm grateful.
What are you grateful for today?

Thursday, April 25, 2013

How 'Bout Peanuts

 I remember begging Mother to make boiled peanuts.
 Oh how I loved to eat them.
 They were best served hot.
 Usually mother would say, "Oh I don't know.
 They take a lot of salt and I'm not sure we need to eat that much salt right now."
But when we had a fresh harvest of peanuts from the garden and the peanuts were still green, she would generally make a big pan of boiled peanuts.
Recently, I was quite astonished to find several cans of
 "Green Boiled Peanuts"
 available for purchase in the grocery aisle.
When I spotted them, I promptly put a can in the cart to bring home to try.
And now I hear myself saying, "Oh, I don't know.  They take a lot of salt and I'm not sure if we need to eat that much salt right now."
I did eat a few though.
As I munched, I tried to decide how I would describe them.
Have you ever eaten boiled peanuts?
How would you describe them?


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I Look and I Listen

Several years ago during a particularly unnerving time in our lives, I was filled with fear and anxiety.  In my opinion, I hid my emotions well. 
Those around me may have thought...not so much.
Honestly, I don't know what people thought.
I tried to not allow myself to give in to the paralyzing thoughts that ripped through me with every breath.
Still they were there, consuming me.
I felt fear in the unknown.
The whirlpool of doubt and uncertainty tugged at me to pull me to an abyss of despair.
I could not allow myself to give in.
If I gave in (whatever that meant) where would it take me?
I knew that for no one is the future certain.
This "no one" included me.
All we can truly know is this very moment and this breath.
We've talked to our kids about choices having consequences.
The good choices have consequences.
The bad choices have consequences.
Then there are the situations in life where life just happens, the good and the bad all lumped together, and we can learn and grow from it, if we (once again) choose too.
We can choose to squander what we have been given or embrace our circumstances and seek good that can come from them.
And so in spite of all this "knowing", there I was, held captive by my own emotions.
As is customary for me, I would quote scripture, read scripture, write scripture on my hand, and do everything I possibly could to stand firm.
On one particularly dark night, this question formed deep within my psyche. 
 "Do you truly believe what you say you believe, that the Lord is YOUR Shepherd?"
"Hhmm." I pondered this.
"Shepherd? What's a shepherd?" I ask myself, though I knew.
According to the dictionary, a shepherd is a person who herds, tends and guards sheep. 
One who protects, guides or watches over a person or group of people.
Long before I was born, my parents had a large sheep herding business.  It was part of their farming operation. Though I wasn't around to witness it, I heard many stories of the things they did to care for their sheep.  (You can read one of those stories here, if you are interested.) So I realized that the shepherd spares no expense of time, effort or money to care for each tiny fluffy creature. If there is danger, the shepherd protects.  If there is lack of provision, the shepherd provides.  If there is evil, the shepherd intervenes.  The sheep run back to the shepherd.  They stay close to the shepherd. They listen to the shepherd.
My quiet ponderings, wrestling with my knowledge, reaffirmed that  I must continue to embrace what I knew in my head until it reached my heart. 
 I realized that my trust and faith in MY Shepherd had to be stronger than my emotions of fear and uncertainty. 
When I felt myself begin to unravel, I realized that I had taken my eyes and thoughts of the Provider and Protector and had put them on myself and my circumstances.
And if I am truly honest here, the circumstances all those years ago, that dredged up these emotions...
yep, those...
those circumstances STILL exist.
All these years later they haven't changed.
Sometimes actually if I allow myself to look, speaking from a human perspective, I would say the situation looks more bleak.
I am changed though.
The way I deal with it has changed too.
 I don't look at the circumstances or the situation.
It takes practice and discipline not to take just a little peek here and there.
  But I know where looking will take me.
Sometimes it is hard to see past "them" to HIM.
But I strain my eyes and look.
I listen.
I look at the Shepherd.
I stay close to the Shepherd.
My provider.
My protector.
How do you deal with fear and anxiety?

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I Have My Very Own Stove Top Cleaning Fairy!

I have a stove top cleaning fairy.
I'm so blessed.
The other day she fluttered in through the back door with my brother.
She's his wife.
He's so blessed!

She brought desserts and bread and lemonade and tea.
And we ate and ate.
We are so blessed!

I wouldn't let her wash dishes.
She was VERY blessed.

She laughed and wondered what her "little mix" would do for my stove top.
I love my white ceramic top stove.
It is nine years old.
When we bought this old house there was a VERY OLD white ceramic stove top stove.
It was almost on its last leg, or uh, burner!
We finished it off and completely wore out that old stove.

When the old stove wore out, we used another stove.
We've never gone hungry because of using old stoves, I don't suppose.
We are so blessed!
Time passed and I was able to get a new stove.
I was thrilled.
I loved all of its shiny whiteness.
I felt blessed!
I have never wanted a stainless steel stove.
I have never wanted a black stove.
I didn't want a black ceramic top stove.
I wanted white.
I wanted a white ceramic top stove.
I know...I sound so demanding and obnoxious, don't I?
I love my stove.
Amana ranges didn't ask me to tell you that.
Nope, they didn't even pay me to say that!
And yes, it is hard to keep clean and looking nice.
The name brand cleaner that they recommend to clean the stove top doesn't work.
Well at least not with the level of cooking, or is it "cooking over" that I do.
Amana ranges certainly didn't ask me to tell you that either!

I clean it though.
It really takes a lot of "elbow grease" if you know what I mean.
Sometimes my husband cleans it.
Wow! He's awesome too, because he can really make it sparkle.
He's just awesome anyway.
I am blessed!

After several years and many meals,  our stove has been getting harder to clean.
That's when my stove top cleaning fairy swooped in.
In about eight minutes flat, she had my stove top sparkling white!!
I'm not kidding.
She made a paste of Baking Soda and Hydrogen Peroxide.
With a soft abrasive sponge she rubbed the paste into the "burned on goo".
In a couple of places she used a razor blade to lift up the hardest spots.
She just sorta scrubbed here and there and all around.
She told great stories while she was cleaning it.
And we laughed.
And we realized we are blessed!
I stood and ate rice and gravy and watched her work and listened to her stories.
Now that makes me sound really spoiled and obnoxious, doesn't it?
But right before my eyes, almost in an instant, the stove was sparkling like new.
It looked so simple.
It looked so effortless.
I was amazed.
My husband was amazed.

It's so much more fun to cook on a clean stove.
It is easy to clean it after it cools. 
With just a simple paste and a few swipes of a sponge, it is back to looking like new.
After cooking on a white ceramic stove top for years, nothing has cleaned it like this!!

I'm so happy I almost want to jump up on it and tap dance.
Now that REALLY makes me sound obnoxious.

I love my stove.
I love my stove top cleaning fairy.

She used Baking Soda and Hydrogen Peroxide mixed together in a "soupy paste".
That is it!!
That is truly all.
I think she said she got the idea off Pintrest.
She has used it on all kinds of things.

I'm going to try this mix on the glass window inside my oven door next.
I'll let you know how it goes.
Or on second thought, maybe I will call my personal stove top cleaning fairy to do it.
I'll let you know how that goes too!!!
So have YOU used Baking Soda and Hydrogen Peroxide to clean anything?
Just wondering.
Try it.
You will feel so blessed!

Monday, April 22, 2013

It All Matters

We are savoring the moments.

Every moment matters.
What do you do to savor the precious moments of life?

Friday, April 19, 2013

On The Farm

And on the farm she had some ducks.
E i e i OH!
With a quack quack here
And a quack quack there
Here a quack
There a quack
Everywhere a quack quack!
And we can't believe how they've grown in 3 1/2 weeks.
E i e i OH!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Joy Oh Joy!

Jumping for joy!!!
Precious Spring!
Oh, how I love you!!!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Yes Absolutely Duckys Hug!

 After a nice swim and splash in a kiddie pool, in freezing cold water, the time had come for the trip out to my brother's farm.  Whoever dreamed that two little duckys could grow so quickly in three short weeks?
Whoever dreamed that our hearts could hold so much love  for two little duckys in three short weeks?
 It was time for our spoiled little city ducks to become polite and courteous country ducks.
The first transition point was to a little pen with baby chicks of similar age and their two country cousin ducks Smokie and Blackie. 
When Smore and Marshmallow were introduced to the chicks pen, Smokie and Blackie jumped up out of the flock of little chicks and waddled over and embraced Smore and Marshmallow by quickly entwining their necks around each other. 
It was quite touching to watch duckys hug.
"Ah, look! They are hugging!" we exclaimed in amazement.
Did you know that chicks can tell that duckys aren't chicks?
And did you know that duckys can tell that chicks aren't duckys?
Well, I didn't either, but I'm absolutely positively sure that they can.
After seeing duckys hug and chicks rise up on their legs and stretch their necks as long as they will possibly stretch and then peck peck peck at the ducks beak, yes,  I'm sure they can tell.
And so goes the life of Smore and Marshmallow as they become our courteous and polite country ducks.
Life goes on ~ on the farm.
Life goes on ~ in the city.

Monday, April 15, 2013

I Never Knew

         I never knew what it was to be a mother till I met you. 
I never knew as your heart beat grew
 there inside,
 right under mine,
 that even though you grew
 and grew
 and out grew mine,
 your heart beat never left mine inside.
Your heart beat, beats inside mine.
And I never knew till I met you,
 how a mother's love grows and grows
and there is room for more hearts to beat
inside mine,
and you gave
 and you grew
and allowed other hearts
to grow
 there beside your heart, 
inside mine.
A son,
a big brother,
a big heart,
 inside mine,
along with their hearts.
I never knew, 
Till I learned from you,
my son, their big brother.
Easter Sunday, April 15th,
that's when I knew...
...when I met you,
all 8 lbs 15 3/4 oz. of you!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Absolutely Miraculous!

I was sharing with a friend recently that so many times, it is in the dark and difficult places that we learn and grow.
At one time it was said to us,
 "You must certainly have done something wrong or you wouldn't be experiencing this difficulty."
Being ever introspective, I have looked at that statement from many angles for many years.
What I have concluded is not profound!
 Yes, there are times when our bad choices will bring about a series of events that cause difficulty in life, but on the other hand, there are also those times that life just simply happens and we have no control of the hard time. 
We aren't being punished for doing something wrong.
It's life.
Life is hard sometimes.
No matter the reason, there are still lessons to be learned.
We can learn and grow if we want too.
As we strive to overcome, we gain a new perspective.
And hopefully as the days pass and seasons change, we see life through new eyes.
I know when the neighbor's Tulip tree blooms that Spring has officially arrived. 
And to think that just a few days ago, that same tree was covered with ice and snow and blowing in the cold wind. But it had all this beauty nestled deep inside each fragile branch. 
 That is astonishing. 
 It amazes me.  
It is nothing short of miraculous.
If we stop and acknowledge it, miracles happen before our very eyes, moment by moment.
Miracles are all around us.
The beauty of new life after the passing of winter takes my breath away.
You have a miracle inside you too! 
Miracles aren't always huge and bombastic.
Sometimes they come quietly in a still small way.
And they are noticed by the one who is watching and waiting in the stillness and silence.
Yes, sometimes waiting in the pain.
You may be in a cold and frozen season, but the miracle is there, waiting for the right time to burst out and surprise you with its beauty.
Did you know that the Tulip tree is the official tree of the State of Indiana?  Yes that tree right there in our neighbor's backyard is called a Tulip tree.  If is often referred to as a Tulip Magnolia.
I savor its beauty.
So there you go!
 A new perspective on pink trees...(and maybe miracles). 
 You're welcome!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Just In Case

Just in case, after reading yesterday's post, you may have felt a tad bit sad that we don't have our restored front porch, I wanted to say we still have a porch!!
We love it.
We appreciate it.
We use it!
 It's a back porch.
  And in the full disclosure of complete honesty, this specific photo is quite deceitful because it
  was taken in August a few years back.
The porch certainly doesn't look like that today.
Several days ago, when it was cold and dreary, I went through some old photos of our porch and  Spring flowers.  I suppose I was day dreaming of Spring!
 Yesterday evening, it was warm enough that I went out and swept leaves that had blown onto the floor and got down miscellaneous and sundry cob webs that had gathered while we were braving the cold blasts of winter.
 Around here you have to just hunker down and endure the winter. As the winter wears our nerves thin, we anxiously wait for the day that life on the porch begins in earnest.
It looks like the season has arrived!!!
We may still have a spurt or two of snow though.
I'm looking forward to planting flowers and setting up the outdoor room...our peaceful haven...our other "Romantic Porch".
We will still have some chilly days round here,
Is it warm enough to  sit out on your porch, or do you need a blanket like we do?
P.S. Oh and if you start to say the phrase, "just in case" over and over and over again, it kinda starts to sound weird and the meaning of it just blurs away.
Justincase justincase justincasejustincase.
See I told you.
What in the world does "just in case" mean anyway?

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Holding On To Hope

All those years ago, when we closed on this old house, the mayor and his wife laughingly told us that it was large enough to raise five children. 
That is exactly what they had done here. 
 However, after 35 or 40 years of calling this place home,  they were ready to downsize and move to the next phase of life. 
  Before we left the office where the closing took place, the mayor's wife walked over close to me and with passion in her voice quietly said,
 "Here, I brought this photo to you.  I want you to have it.  This is what the row of homes looked like when they were new.  I have always wanted to replace the porch to the way it looks in this picture.  But we never did.  You need the picture now.  When the builders removed the porch they saved all the pieces and put them in the carriage house." 
With those kind words, the photo and the dream became mine, the dream for "A Romantic Porch".
"Ha!" I thought, "I will NEVER live in that house for 35 or 40 years without a front porch."
But life happened, yes twenty two years of life, to be exact. 
 In the shadow, of the 18 month old toddler that we held on our hip those years ago, grew two more children. 
There were times I wondered if the old house was large enough to hold the laughter, the noise, the joy, the sorrow, the tears and frustration; but it has been, because it's home.
It is home with its old creaky floors and drafty windows and doors that close and doors that don't.  It is home with odd shaped closets and obscure hiding places.  It is home with peeling paint and snagged siding.  It has stood the test of time for well over a century now, weathering seasons of sunshine and cold, seasons of uncertainty, seasons of want, and I suppose seasons of plenty. This old house has weathered those seasons with strength and grace as time rolls along. 
 The only thing certain is that there will always be change. 
 Fortunately, it's a solid old house built on a strong foundation. 
Throughout life I have wondered why some people became grouchy as they age.  I can't help but wonder what causes a person to become cynical and sarcastic?
Eh? Yeah, what causes them to be grumpy and snide?
Everywhere you turn, people are weathering storms in life. 
 We have.
  I'm sure you have also. 
 I think every single person has a story, whether they tell it or not.  AND I also think that every single person has a choice in how they respond to their story. 
I believe there is a fine line between human resilience and complete and utter despair. 
  Some people seem to bounce back with strength and dignity from the hard fisted blows of life. 
 Others seem to cower to the hard times, losing their spirit and joy.  As the blows keep coming their heart seems to grow harder.
I realize that bouncing back in strong resilience becomes more difficult when you are dealt one hard hit right after the other. 
There is no time to catch a breather; certainly no time to regroup and gain a new perspective. 
Hard times have a strange way of making a person feel isolated.  In that type of darkness it is easy to feel all alone, as though no one cares or understands. 
The longer I live, the more I want to fight against these tendencies that lead toward a hard and calloused heart.  I don't want to become cynical with deep groves of sarcasm etching who I am.
  I want to be able to bounce back.
I may be bruised and battle scarred, but I want to be able to link arms with others and show them the way toward courage and joy, even when I'm searching for it with all my being.
  I may be shaken. 
 I may moan and sway to the punches that come my way,
but I have chosen to build my life on a Strong Foundation. 
 It's a Foundation on which I can weather life's storms.
That doesn't mean the pain will be gone, or the hard times replaced with easy ones.
But it does mean I'm never alone.
It means I'm all in...
...with Someone who cares.
And I'm still holding out hope for that replacement of 
 "A Romantic Porch".

P.S. My long term goal of having the front porch restored to this old house, is the basis for the name of my blog.
After more than five years of blogging... now you know!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Living Vicariously

 The ducks have gotten big enough that they get to "ride" around the house in style! 
It's about time for them to head to the farm. 
They are quite spoiled little city ducks, but I think they will fare splendidly in the country where they can roam with the other barnyard friends.  
We will look forward to visiting them and see if they still remember who we are!
Today, I am living vicariously through one of last week's creations.  Now that doesn't make a bit of sense at all does it? 
This wedding dress is flying to the Caribbean today with the beautiful bride. 
 Since I can't go, I will enjoy the fact that something I have made is going! 
Oh the places they go and the things they see...lucky little "fashion statements"!
 A sneak peak is all you will see for now. 
 It's up to the bride to give the full fashion reveal.
I better scoot along.  The bride that is coming tonight with three of her six bridesmaids wouldn't be one bit impressed if she realized I've been sitting around daydreaming about the Caribbean.
Yeah, really.  My sweet man and I "flew" there on Sunday afternoon all by the way of google maps and street view.  It was crazy amazing!
Really gotta scram!  The sun will soon come up and start to sizzle away the daylight hours.
No matter what, intentionally make it a great day!
Where would you like to go today? 


Monday, April 8, 2013

When Words Aren't Enough

 A picture
 is truly worth
a thousand words.
Inexplicable joy!
Has Spring arrived where you are?

Thursday, April 4, 2013

How Did This Happen?

 One day they looked like this.
Eleven days later they looked like this!!
That's right, only ELEVEN days.
They would flap their little wings and it looked like they grew as they flapped.
I've never seen anything grow so fast.
Unless it was my kids!
Did you knew ducks grew this fast?

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


I never have learned to enjoy sweet potatoes.  I wish I did enjoy them.  My mother served them baked when I was growing up.  And I have eaten them as an adult.  I know they are filled with healthy nutrients and fiber. 
There is just something about the texture that makes me gag. 
Sorry, I can't figure out a nice way to say that!
And then when it is mixed with brown sugar or other seasonings, for me the taste is just wonky.
I wish I could learn to like them.
I'm trying to learn to like them.
I fix them roasted in the oven.
I bake them.
I don't make sweet potato casserole.
But I do eat them.
The positive side to all of this that I have learned is that when I do eat them, I do fill up very quickly, and I am no longer hungry!
For at least 10 minutes!
Yeah, I don't know if it is the gagging that makes me fill up quickly
or the bulk from the fiber, but it works.
I just take it on "faith" that I need to eat sweet potatoes.
It's the same way with green tea.
Hot green tea, just isn't a pleasing experience for me either.
To my way of taste bud tasting, it doesn't taste good.
I drink MUGS of it.
I don't enjoy it.
Growing up, mother and daddy had a plethora of home remedies.
We took them because "they were good for us"!
It must have worked, because I never went to the doctor a single time until I was 20. 
I am so not kidding you.
That is the honest truth.
I truly believe in doing the right and healthy "thing" for my body.
I also believe that there is an important place from the care of a doctor.
I just don't want to go if I can prevent it.
People who know me well know that a healthy lifestyle is important to me. 
I want to be healthy
and physically.
I want to be balanced and strong.
I seek that for my family and those with whom I associate.
Late in August 2012, I found out about this "Crazy Wrap Thing" and after researching it, I knew the brides, bridesmaids, prom girls, etc. that I work with would LOVE them. 
I also liked the fact that the ingredients on the wrap were all natural products.
Through the winter I continued to research the company and the ingredients of the products and realized this was something I definitely wanted to offer to my customers...AND make use of myself.
Wow! I am so excited about the results that I have gained personally from the wraps and supplements.
I have friends who are getting great results also.
The WRAPS tab at the top of my blog will take you to my website.
If you have questions, feel free to email me or message me on facebook.
The more people I wrap and tell about these amazing supplements, the more I realize how desperately everyone wants a solution to the way they look and feel.
I did!  I'm guessing you do too.

Do you like sweet potatoes?

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Story Behind...Pink Lemonade Pie

This yummy pie will certainly make an appearance
on our table during any Holiday season.
It's so easy, you'll wanna make it yourself!
Scroll to the bottom of the blog post for the recipe, if you don't wanna read my VERY interesting story behind the recipe.
*wink wink*
 From the time my husband and I met until we were married, it spanned almost four years.  Four long years with me in Arkansas most of that time, and he in Indiana.  The two desserts that I remember being served around his family table most often during that time, were Denver Crunch and Cherry Delight.  Ironically I have never made either of those desserts.
 We eat them at his family gatherings often.
  They are still favorites. 
 A couple of weeks after we were married I asked him what he wanted for dessert after Sunday dinner, you know the roast, mashed potatoes and gravy stuff.  "Pink Lemonade Pie!", was his response.  "What in the world is Pink Lemonade Pie", I asked.  When he told me, I remember hardly being able to imagine a dessert so simple.  "That's it?  That's all there is to it?",  I questioned him.  "Yes! Really, that's it!" he said. So I made it, and it has become one of our family favorites.
 I've made this for holidays and birthdays and other special occasions...even youth group fund raiser pie auctions!
So here it is in all its simplistic glory!
You start with a graham cracker pie crust.  I like to make my pie crust because I think it is yummier than the ones you buy already made in the little prepackaged pie pans that you find right there by the box of graham cracker crumbs, but it really doesn't matter.  Just do whatever works for you, and no one will care or be the wiser.  The graham cracker pie crust police won't come get you.  The evidence will all be eaten up before they get there anyway, if they should follow their nose to your yummy delicious dessert...just so you know!
 See! Ain't it purty? 
 Only I'm not gonna say ain't again in this post, because my mother told me it was low class, and this is definitely not a low class dessert...just so you know.
 Pour six ounces (that's half of a 12 ounce can...just so you know) of Frozen Pink Lemonade Concentrate in a large mixing bowl. You can find the frozen lemonade concentrate with all the other frozen juice, in the grocery store, usually...just so you know.  Thaw the concentrate first though, or it won't pour...just so you know. 
 To this add a can of Sweetened Condensed Milk. 
Just pour it in there, and then leave a little teensy bit in the can to eat yourself. 
Unless your kids are standing over you beggin' to scrape the can.  Then be a good momma and let them have it. 
But no fighting over what's left in the can...just so you know. 'Cuz that might be low class.
  I'm not sure.  My mother didn't say. 
But she did say it wasn't nice to fight...just so you know.
 Stir those two ingredients together.  See, isn't it pretty? I'm so proud.  I didn't say "ain't"!
 It's all sort of pinkish.  At this point you can add a couple drops of red food coloring if you want to make it more pink.  My husband's grandmother would do that. And since she did it, it is perfectly fine to do it too if you want to, because she was amazing...just so you know.
 At Christmas time I tried adding color with some neon food coloring and accidentally added purple. 
 It was funny. 
Well, I thought it was funny anyway.
 But as the old saying goes, "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!" 
 So somehow I mixed and matched my colors and still came up with pink lemonade pie filling. 
 It was sort of like mixing paint, only yummier...well, I guess it's yummier, I have never tasted paint as I'm mixing it...just so you know.
This time, I didn't add any food coloring. 
 Next, fold in a small carton of Cool Whip. 
 This amount of filling will fill one large pie plate of pie crust. 
 If you want to make a dessert to fill a casserole dish (which I have done many times for larger "audiences"...people eating at my house) then use a large container of Cool Whip. 
There is no need to double the other ingredients...just so you know.
 Pour the filling into your pie crust.
 Smooth is all around and pop it into the freezer until you are ready to eat it.  You may want to take it out of the freezer about 30 minutes before serving it so that it is easier to cut...just so you know.
Then slice it, serve it and enjoy it...just so you know!
  But I probably didn't need to tell you that, did I?
This has been a family favorite for many years now.
Only, I'm not old enough to say "for many years now".
But I just did and I guess it might possibly be true.
Well, at least the family favorite part is true.
The "for many years now" part, hhhmmm I struggle with that truth!
Here is the recipe all condensed and easy like for those who don't want to sift back through my rambling, just to make a simple little easy peasy pie.
Pink Lemonade Pie
1 Graham Cracker Pie Crust already made
1 6 oz. can of  Frozen Pink Lemonade Concentrate
1 can Sweetened Condensed Milk
1 carton Cool Whip
Mix together lemonade concentrate and condensed milk.  Fold in Cool Whip.  Gently spread the filling onto the graham cracker crust.  Freeze until ready to eat, thawing approximately 30 minutes ahead.  Eat and enjoy!


P.S.  You are more than welcome to pin this recipe to your Recipe Board on Pintrest.  I just ask that you kindly link the pin to this blog, the source from which it originated.
Thank you so much!


I'm linking this recipe to one of my favorite bloggers,  Thistlewood Farms
Hop over there for more glorious and fabulous recipes for your holiday festivities.

Monday, April 1, 2013

I'm "Knot" "In Charge"!

I chuckle when I hear or read the phrase "a fun time was had by all". 
 What does it mean exactly? 
 "A fun time was had?"
So I really can't say that "a fun time was had by all", but I do know there was a lot of running and yelling and laughing and other egg hunting antics while all 230 "something" eggs were gathered and collected.
I tried to raise my voice and hoarsely yell over the cacophony of sound to make sure all the kids felt that the fun was fair and inclusive to all of them.
Brother...I felt obnoxious!
  But I never saw any rules for maintaining order at an egg hunt, so I just went with my gut.
  "My gut?" 
 What does that mean?
I put her "in charge" of all this and she did splendidly. 
 I might be able to conquer the world if I had several more like her!
But then I really don't know with what I'd do if I did conquer the world, so...hhmmm.
With her "in charge", I was able to do other things like make pink lemonade pie.
  Ooohh lala.
  It is the perfect touch of tartness...just in time for a savory Spring palate of flavor.

I was also able to listen to the young men discuss their knot tying abilities.
 I was able to oohh and aahh over the fact that I no longer have to figure out how to tie a tie knot.
I'm amazed!
I'm "knot" "in charge" anymore.
Oh my, what does that mean?
Never mind, I am still the momma.
I am the Domestic CEO around here.
And maybe, just maybe "a fun time was had by all."
Only time will tell...