Friday, November 7, 2014

In The Silence

Time passes.

Things change.

I got a text the other day 
from our son
 away at the University.

He said, 
"Oh, Okay,
 so what are we gonna do about it then?
 Just take it as it comes?"

I replied, 
we won't cross that bridge 
till it's in front of us."

And that is the way life is.

Don't you think so too?

This summer and fall,
 we have made decisions 
based on the necessity 
of the next half hour.

Whether that is right or wrong, 
I can't particularly say, 
but that is the way it has been.  

It has needed to be that way. 

I've told you before 
how much I appreciate you
 and our conversations here. 

In fact, 
I just absolutely love you.
I really do.
You faithfully read.
On and on 
you read

I know I've been silent.

And once again, 
as I have said before,
it is not because 
I have had nothing to say.

(shaking my head)

Life has been full
and challenging
and sad
and a lot of ups 
and downs
and laughter
and tears
and joy
and hugs
and sighs
and goodness
and blessings
and blessings
and more blessings.

And in the silence...
much has happened 
and time has passed
and things have changed
and we've learned
and grown more mature,

So today,
 I thought of all that has transpired
since I wrote here last, 
in August.
And there is so much I can say, 
but I'm not going to right now.
I don't know 
that this is the time 
or place to lay it all out.

I thought about God,
 and His silence in our lives sometimes.
And I felt a glimmer of encouragement 
as I thought 
about all the "stuff" that happens
  in the silence.
In those really quiet times,
Or dark places,
In between the words,
and actions,
and lines 
of life.

And God is.
He is there.
Doing something.
Working His best for our good.

Let that encourage you today.
In the silence.