Tuesday, September 3, 2013

How To Spray Paint A Red Chandelier

So when you find an old brass chandelier thrown out beside the road in the trash,
and you know it would be perfect for something,
so you stop and put it in the car,
and you wait four years,
and keep it four years,
because you know it would be perfect for something,
and you are standing in Walmart on July 4th,
because your husband is going to string them,
under the edges of the white tent,
because he's willing to do the crazy things you think up,
and the meal for family reunion will be served in 2 1/2 hours,
under the tent,
in broad daylight...yes daylight,
but you really really want lights on the tent,
and you are certain that last year they already had Christmas lights for sale on July 4th,
and while you are standing there contemplating extention cords, and lights,
you hear your husband say,
"We just need MORE light, like a hanging light",
then a light comes on,
and you say, "I've got it! It's perfect!,
and you gush on and on with excitement,
and remind him about the old brass chandelier,
that you have had for four years,
and he's not even surprised one little bit,
and you tell him you just remembered where your CHRISTMAS TREE LIGHTS are stored,
and he's happy about that,
and you rush to leave Walmart,
because you need to hurry,
because it's almost time for the family to eat under the tent,
in broad daylight...yes, broad daylight,
on the way out you grab three cans of 97 cent red spray paint,
but of course you pay for them on the way out,
because that's a really good idea to pay for them,
and you rush home and get the old brass chandelier that you have had for four years,
because you knew it would be perfect for something,
and you spray paint it red,
while your husband strings up CHRISTMAS TREE LIGHTS,
and then you rush the spray paint red chandelier to him to hang in the very tip top of the tent,
and the red paint is still tacky wet,
but he is a genius and has a white extension cord,
and all the stuff handy to make it light up,
just perfect like,
and then the family comes,
for the meal under the tent in broad daylight...yes, daylight,
and they smile, and look and say,
"The red chandelier, it's perfect!",
and I think yes, yes it is,
and just in case this is the longest run on sentence in the history of the world,
I'm sorry,
but maybe it's not even a sentence at all,
and I'm sorry about that too,
but the red chandelier,
WELL, it WAS perfect,
even if I do say so myself!

The how to.
It is easy.
Shake your can of paint quite a bit.
Set the chandelier on an appropriate painting surface.
Pull the "candle looking things" off the place where the light bulbs screw in.
I painted those silver...because that's the color I had.
Then spray paint the chandelier.
You have to keep turning it every which way to get it covered really well.
I was rushing and there were places that weren't painted as well as others.
Once it was hung, it really didn't matter.

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A Romantic Porch said...

Thank you Philip for hanging my red chandelier and putting up with all my creative antics! You're the best!