Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

Our best gift!
Happy Christmas Eve.
There is a little game that comes from Mr. RP's side of the family that you play by being the first one to say, "Happy Christmas Eve Gift". That's it! I really don't know the background of it, but if you are the first one to say it on Christmas Eve, you are the winner. I don't know who won in our household this year, um, maybe me!
So, happy Christmas Eve gift to you too!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

December Featured Porch

When we travel for 10 or 12 hours, over the river and through the grandmother and grandfather's house, this is the romantic porch that welcomes us at the end of a long tiring journey. Today is the wedding anniversary of my mother and father in law. December is a special month for them and I thought it would be so fun to feature the ones who gave my husband the gift of life. For that I have undying gratitude. It is truly a gift that continues to give!
This is what my mother in law had to say about their darling front porch. "The Christmas Season is such an important time of the year to me. It is the time of year that I met my husband and then 2 years later we married, just in time to get our own little tree for our very first Christmas together. My husband and I both enjoy the lights of Christmas so much and enjoy sharing them with our neighborhood, by lighting up our porch and the front of our house, we are sharing goodwill with them. Our neighborhood is so pretty right now.
When one lights their porch and house, it seems to inspire others too. I believe because Jesus is the light of the world, that is why we use so many sparkling dancing lights at Christmas time to show our joy of the season."
So Mom and Dad, thank you for being willing to share your romantic porch with us. Happy Anniversary. I'm sure you'll celebrate. Most of all, thank you that your family included my very own "Mr. RP"! I love you too!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Yes, I Am Still Blogging!

No I haven't stopped blogging. Thank you so much for emailing or letting me know you miss me. I miss you too. In fact I think about this a lot and all of the people I've met and great friends I've made. The world wide web is amazing, I tell ya! But you already know that.
I have so much to mind never stops, but how much of it is of interest to all y'all out there, or am I just processing the daily routine of our lives?
And update...
The college son is home for the holidays. He was interviewed yesterday for an article in the February issue of the University magazine.
The high school son is participating in a leadership conference today with one of our US Senators. He's one of two chosen from his high school.
The little girl finally figured out what she wants for Christmas. Ah, the excitement of childhood.
Mr. Romantic Porch feels terribly that we're having such fits with this computer.
Mrs. Romantic Porch is working on a "fund raising idea" to buy a new computer!!!
Since the first of November I've done alterations or redesigns on 45 garments and made 6 window treatments...gotta get off of here and finish up two dresses before 10:45 am for gala/parties tonight and tomorrow.
The dress in the photos only needed to be enlarged by 8 1/2 inches. It was an amazing MILANO creation!
And so, I will be back!