Friday, February 26, 2010

A Disclaimer!

I said I be back...probably Wednesday! Well, it's Friday. But you already knew that didn't you?
Several of you have told me that you use my blog list to find some of your favorite blogs. There are things I'd like to change about my side bar. My blog list has been one of them.
My disclaimer:
Recently, I was going through my blog list to see which ones were still current or posting. I found one of them no longer takes me to my friend's lovely blog site, but instead right in my face was a not so nice place to visit.
I just want any of you who may use my list to visit other blogs, to know that I don't promote sites that are unwholesome.
In her defense:
My friend has deleted the blogs she has started several times. I know that she deleted this blog also, but I just didn't take it from my list in case she started it again. In the mean time, obviously somehow something very inappropriate took it's place. I know that she did not do this. I should have deleted the unused blog from my list sooner.
I am sorry if this has offended anyone who reads my blog. It has always been my intent to uplift you or inspire you or cause you to think of something you would not have otherwise, when you visit A Romantic Porch.
Can you please accept my apology? Many of you know that the new buzz word for the decade is that we are moving from the "digital decade" to the decade of the "connected culture". Technology is an amazing thing, but I don't want to be caught in the clutches of the downside of it. I want to use it for good things and to promote good concepts and ideas.
I hope you have a wonderful day.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Popcorn and Ice Cream...necessities for a snowy day!

Isn't that hilarious! We made popcorn and snow ice cream. AND it's not even "dumping" out of the bowls.
OK y'all...I'll just go ahead and admit it. I can't keep up with everything I need to do.
So I will be back next week...probably on Wednesday.
At least I'm not spilling the ice cream!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Let It Snow!

When it first started snowing they hurriedly made a snowman, so that the snow which was falling would cover the grass around the snowman. It snowed and snowed and snowed so much that it looked like the snowman became a snow bride!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Fun Project

Since the end of October, I've had the opportunity to do alot of alterations and redesigns for a local formal wear store.
This has been my favorite one so far. I'm trying to figure out how to get my photos to look the way I want them to in this new computer, and I still haven't mastered it. I're sayin', "duh". But I'm just not that savvy with all this stuff and my time is absolutely not my own to just sit and figure it out because I want too. So here is my best attempt.
This semi formal was once a long dress with an intricate line of beads and sequins around the bottom edge of the top layer of 7, yes 7 layers of netting and fabric. Did that make sense? WE wanted to keep that beautiful line of beads. I didn't want to resew all of them! It was interesting to decide how to keep them.

The beautiful girl was wearing this for her 16th birthday party. It was shortened to just below knee length.
I took out the zipper and made a corset back. She wore pink satin "ballet slippers" and a tiara.

She was gorgeous and so very excited.

Her parents allow her and her 3 sisters to have one big birthday party...their 16th. They rented a hall and invited about 100 friends and family.

The decorations sounded fabulous.

What a fun fun project.
Annie and Jasmine, if you read this, thank you for the opportunity to have a tiny part in making your memory.

Thank you so much for leaving comments in the post below letting me know that it is apparently just my screen that is not allowing me to see everything on my blog.

It is snowy and slick and cold here. I'm about ready to poke my head out from my cozy surroundings and slide off to work.

Have a wonderful day y'all. And I'll be back.


Friday, February 5, 2010

Where'd Everybody Go?

So you know that neat little gadget that alot of people started using several months ago which showed the photo of the followers of your blog. Well several weeks ago mine just disappeared. I thought it would come know how blogspot does things like that sometime.
I enjoyed seeing your cheery faces as you signed to follow along. And I've missed seeing y'all so much.
So here is the question. When you are on my blog, can YOU see my followers gadget? And has this happened to anyone else? And do you know how to get it back? Oops I guess that's actually 3 questions!
Now if you suggest going to my settings and choosing, "add a gadget" then choose "followers"...well, I tried that and it told me I had already chosen a "followers" gadget.
So really now. Where'd you go? I've missed seeing you!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ah, February At Last!

Don'tcha just love February?
It's a time to wonder (with your head in a spin) where in the world January went.
It means that the new year is really really under way, or off to a steady start.
We find out if the ground hog sees or saw his shadow. And no matter the results, Spring is about 6 delightful weeks away!!
And then there is Valentine's Day. I love the decorations in every hue of pink and red. I think they are a great bridge between the loss of the cozy glow of Christmas lights and the cheery pastels of Spring and Easter.
February is a delightfully short month. Blink a couple of times and twirl around and clap your hands. Before you know it March will be here.
So what do you think? Do you love February too?