Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Black and White "Squirrely" Story

Growing up in the densely wooded hills of Northwest Arkansas, I rarely saw a squirrel. I don't know if I wasn't paying attention to them, or if there were so many woods that they were scared of people and just didn't come around.
Now though, my family enjoys watching the antics of squirrels and they are plentiful right in our own backyard. They jump from treetop to treetop and walk the tightrope of electrical lines with great ease.

My friend Susan used to live in this house.  I wonder if she ever saw this white squirrel when she lived there?  Hhmm Susan, did you?  See it there?  It's the little speck of white in the grass by the sidewalk.  My son took this photo as they passed it in the car and texted it to me.
This red squirrel was barking like a crazy person. Well, I guess I really don't know if there is such a thing as a "crazy person who barks" but you get the was loud and incessent. Whatever he was saying to the world from that vantage point certainly seemed important.  I wondered if he was scared out there on the tippy edge of the vines that have consumed this old church building.
Oh my! This little black guy was gorgeous.  He let me get fairly close.  To say that I freaked out when I saw him would probably be an understatement.  I freaked out as in: "Is that squirrel really black? are you kiddin' me? I've never seen such a thing.  it's black! look at him! he's adorable! I've gotta take pictures! yes, mom, HE IS BLACK."  You know, that kind of "freaking out".   So I followed him all around the parking lot taking pictures and pictures and pictures until I heard, "MOooooommmmm come on!" I was so fascinated. Well, just because I'm easily entertained like that.
There is a gray squirrel in the fork of this tree.  It is the first little bump that you see just past where the limb juts out from the trunk.  These gray squirrels are speedy little guys I tell ya, and it is hard to get very close to them.  They weren't as accommodating of my photography session as I would have liked.  They seem to be so skitterish.  Skitterish? Is that a word?  If you can't see the squirrel just enjoy the gorgeous blue against the rough texture of the tree bark.
These photos that follow are my unnecessary attempt to PROVE that I did follow this squirrel around the parking lot and take A LOT of pictures.
And my husband followed ME around taking pictures of ME taking pictures of the squirrel.  Because, well, because we weren't working and I guess we get giddy and goofy like that.  I don't have any of those pictures tho, so I will spare you the joy.
And he also drove the car vvvveeeeerrrry slowly ( or was it very ssllloooowwllyyy?) so I could get some of the pictures.
So, that is my squirrely story, and I'm just stickin' to it. 
P.S. No squirrels were harmed in taking these photos or posting to the blog.  And no one saw us chasing around the parking lot getting said photos.  Did they?  Oh yeah, the kids, but I think they had shrunk down below window level of the car or something like that.
 ...thought you might wanna know...
just kiddin'


Mom Going said...

How fun, but I do not like them in our attic at night. Ugh!

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

I think squirrels are so cute, but they can be annoying! I have never seen a white, or a black squirrel! Cute post!