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The Original Siding Revealed You guessed it! We've uncovered the original siding on our romantic ;) back porch, and painted it pale sage green with soft white trim. Just a sneak peak. More later! Happy Saturday! Here's to a lot of hard work and paint strokes!
Thank you for playing my guessing game this Saturday, sweet peas, AND for letting me know your creative thoughts. You guys have great ideas!
Love, Rachel

Faux Fire
I've tried and tried to get a good picture of the fire in the fireplace so I could show you where I enjoy sitting and pondering new ways to rearrange the furniture (and anything else that strikes my fancy) in our home, or read decorating magazines, of course. The fireplace is in the foyer/music room, so it's a great place to "sit and ponder" or read. What do you like to do while sitting by the fire?
In 2004 when we were working on the restoration of the fireplace, a dear friend of one of my brothers had an old rusty fireplace insert and asked my brother if he knew of anyone who could use it, because he was throwing it away. Paul thought of us, and brought it to us. I scrubbed and scrubbed to clean it, then covered it with shiny black enamel to match the black granite surround and hearth that my husband had installed. When everything was finished, my husband slid it into place and it fit perfectly!! I treasure this piece of the fireplace because this wonderful friend of my brother lost his battle to cancer last summer.
Until we complete the restorative process of the chimney, we don't burn an actual fire in the fireplace. For many months I sat jars of candles inside the firebox, because it's just so much more cheery to see the reflective glow of the flame through the grill of the insert. This winter I thought to use this string of Christmas lights instead of the jars of candles. I purchased them from a yard sale for 25 cents, brand new still in the box! I'm thrilled with my "faux fire". It's not very warm in our frigid temps, but it is super high on the cozy meter! I'm enjoying it immensely, and I don't have any candles to light or ashes to carry out! What do you do in your home for cozy?

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