Wednesday, May 19, 2010

One Last Thing, I Mean Dress

OK. So by now I figure that you are probably so totally done with me showing you photos of redesigned prom dresses on the "slightly tilted Miss Telda Mannequin" as she sits quietly in the corner of the dining room against the old column. I promise I won't show you anymore for a while. Well maybe never. It's time to move on to other things that are going on around here. There is never a dull moment I'd say. There are LOTS of challenging moments, but never dull ones!
But she wanted slightly capped sleeves on her topless, oops I mean strapless dress, so now she has them, and she was thrilled.
Thanks for following along as I've babbled on about such things.
Have a wonderful day.

Friday, May 14, 2010

All In All Life's An Adventure

I've been to Antarctica
and the Sahara Desert.
I swam with a few sharks...well, maybe not!
However, from Continent to Continent it was an adventure all seen through the excitement of our little girl and the lens of the camera on my phone.
It was a whirl wind trip right through the fabulous confines of the Indianapolis zoo!
I hope you enjoyed it too!
Life just moves along at a dizzying pace. Doesn't it?
But all in all life's an adventure!
I hope you're enjoying it too!