Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Why Do I Wonder These Things?

So after having all day today to think
 about the post I did last night
 about the wishberries,
I began to wonder...
what if I were a wishberry
so to speak?
Have you ever wondered that?
Have you wondered
 what it would be like
 if you were a wishberry?
I know...
that's a crazy thought.
What if  you and I were battered
by rain
and wind
or the innocent breath of by standers
or kicked around with a heavy leather boot
by the wiles of living?
What if the seeds of our lives just turned loose
and floated
floated away?
It's kinda freaky really
if you think about it,
that is happening constantly
to you
AND me.
The seeds of our lives
are spreading influence.
Influence for good,
or bad,
or indifference.
Where do those seeds go?
Actually, where have they gone?
Has my influence mattered?
Have I had a positive affect on others?
Have I brought joy
or encouragement?
Have I been faithful?
Have I been trustworthy?
Have I bloomed
where ever the seeds of my life have fallen?
In all my failings
as a wife,
a mom,
a friend,
a sister,
a daughter,
a daughter in law,
have I still had a positive influence?
We really can't control life
not really,
not absolutely.
We can do our best,
our very best,
with our circumstances,
and let that be good enough.
The wishberry seeds are blooming
where they are planted.

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