Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Place for Everything

Old houses such as ours many times have very little closet space or storage. This girl just has to have a few girly things around, so when our neighbors were moving and getting rid of things, they brought this set of shelves out in their backyard and told me I could have it. I was a happy happy next door neighbor!

It has served many purposes such as a place for the fax and copier in the office. At one time I kept my children's games and videos on it. It's just the perfect shabby old cabinet. Who could part with such a useful thing. Now I'm enjoying the swirls of pink softness on top of it. After I left home, Mother gave me the pink netting. I had always known that it was a "misquito net" for my baby bed. This past Christmas I learned that my oldest sister had made the net. I NEVER realized that! I treasure the netting so much more now.

Those of you who sew, design and create know how challenging it is to keep everything in order, and easily accessible. These shelves make a great place to keep some of the fabric and miscellaneous items that are waiting to be used in the final product. A place for everything, and everything in its place. That's my challenge for today. I have a place in my heart for my family and friends and the situations that I care about and for which I feel concern. Life is a process, a constant motion of rearranging and adaptation to every moment... each circumstance. I have a place for YOU. Love, Rachel


Brook said...

Pretty display Rachel. Lovely post too!!!

Esther said...

What pretty pictures! And the words and thoughts are even more beautiful! Just like you!

Have a great day!
Love you,

Claudia said...

Dear Rachel,

Your blog is lovely! I love porches, too. They were a big part of my childhood. Now we have a great one on our cottage and I thoroughly enjoy it. Thank you so much for your comments on my new blog. Your thoughtfulness and welcoming voice makes my day!


Tara said...


Love these pics--and the story behind the netting. Isn't that nice to find out? :0)

The Going Blog said...

That picture is just one of the corners that I love at your house. I hope you are having a happy 2 hr. snow delay. I stayed in bed and had a miserable dream. It was the day before my wedding and I remembered that I had forgotten my dress back home 8 hrs. away. ugh! I should have gotten up and enjoyed a cup of coffee instead :)

Esther Sunday said...

Very soft and pretty shelf! Hand made netting? Wow!

the feathered nest said...

That's a useful item made beautiful by you! Love your displays - so romantic!


Ronda said...

"A place for everything and everything in it's place"...I really like that! That is a day-to-day challenge! Loved your pretty pictures and the story behind the beautiful netting! Hope that you are having a good day!

Hope said...

Hi Rachel,
I love your shelf..but then you already know that I have a thing for old discarded shelves!! :o)
And your display on it is beautiful. Love that netting and the story behind it! Thanks for sharing that!


Debbie said...

Rachel, Love the shelf. My mom said the same thing to me. It's an ongoing struggle to keep all the goodies in order, waiting for creativeness to strike. Thank you for visiting.
Enjoy, Debbie

Karla said...

Never too many bookcases! They are useful for oh-so-many things! said...

Oh such a precious site.. you make it all look so romantic..
~~Lucky you to have an old home ..I love those too.. have a great day.I'll be back..will look for picture of your home(:)...Patty

Sharon said...

I love it, love it, love it! It is dripping with romantic chic style! You are very good at making displays!

Hugs, Sharon

Anny said...

How pretty! I would love to come to your house and just sit and look at all the pretty things tucked away on that shelf! A lovely display! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...


Tracie said...

What a wonderful post, Rachel!

You're usually the first place I go in the morning and here it is 6:50 p.m. (yes, instead of a.m.) and here is where I've started.

I too know what it's like having an old house and not much closet space. You've made it so beautiful. I love the lamp with the fabrics and it's just glowing. Very touching words as well, dear Rachel.

Good to see you today!

Farrah said...

Your posts are always very sweet. I love all the beads and things. How lovely! And that handmade net is a truly amazing keepsake.

Linda said...

Hi Rachel,
I just found your blog through Tracies and I am so glad that I did. How wonderful, I will be back to read more later.
Cheers Linda

Mommy said...

I love the netting! Very pretty. How do you make netting though?