Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Objects of "Art"

Over the years, it has been fun to watch my children express their creativity in different ways. I love the vibrant colors and interesting shapes in both of these pictures. I try to always write the date and name of my child who did the artwork somewhere on it. I have file folders full of items that I believe to be worthy keepsakes. :)
I'm working on an idea to empty those files and cull out a few, but ouch...that hurts my mother heart. I want it to be organized and enjoyable though. Not just a file folder of things that in years to come, we smile and wonder what it is.
I also love to write down the cute things my children say. Wow, the busyness of a day can snatch those thoughts and cute little expressions away!
REMINDER TO SELF: Take time to enjoy the simple pleasures.
Have a wonderful day! Love, Rachel


Anny said...

What beautiful pictures. And treasures! Thank you for sharing!

Brook said...

This is a great idea reminder for all of us with children! I still have some pretty stained glass art with flowers on it that my son created at school and gave to me. They are very special works of art.
Keep up the inspiring ideas!! I like them!

Tara said...


It's so true! And as you know, my son is off at college and I can't figure out how in the world that happened so quickly...I can rememeber when he was in first grade like his sister as if it was yesterday! And you know, the kids love that you have all their stuff still! It's important to them!

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Aren't all those precious little creative gifts from our sweet children divine? I just treasure them!

Happy happy day!


Hope said...

Hi Rachel,
Come by my blog when you get time to hear my good news and to collect an award.

I love your children's artwork. I have a huge box full of these treasures that I can't bear to part with!


NAME: CIELO said...

Lovely! So true! I have three grown up children....still little kids to me... but oh, where did time go???? :)

Happy day to you


Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Beautiful pictures! And prescious memories in the making.

Debbie said...

I'm new to your blog, It's beautiful.I have so many treasures around my home that my children have made. With most of them living in their own home, those treasures keep them close. I too live in a old home, built in 1892. Right now I have a swing and a branch bench on the porch (there is a picture on my blog). In the summer we spend many summer evenings on the porch.

Tracie said...

Hi Sweets,
I so understand, such precious treasures. Every little drawing, every little scrap.

We had to let a few things go... so hard!

What we ended up doing (for the things that are not placed in the house) is to put them in a little trunk and go back from time to time and pull. We love to do this, maybe you could try that. But we went from shoe box, to larger box, to now a small trunk. It's great though.

Great reminder to write the date - I wish I would've done that!


Tracie said...


Thanks a million! :)

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Your children's art work is just beautiful! I still have my daughter's and grandchildren's art work, I have framed some too.


Esther said...

How sweet! The only thing more precious than these works of art is your children!

I love you all!

Anonymous said...


Janella said...

loved the pix of the kids artwork in the black frames it makes them really stand out, just might do the black frame thing:) I too have a "file" of things, time passes so quickly and I know they are not all dated and that will really bug me someday!!!Love your updates my blog is lagging but I might feel a little bit of nudging to post. Have a good day! Love, Janella

Farrah said...

Gorgeous, precious pictures, Rachel! Wow, you are so good at taking pictures!