Monday, February 18, 2008

Monday! Off to a Fresh Start

Monday, a new week, a fresh start! Sometimes the weekend flies by so quickly that when I wake up on Monday morning, the world seems to be in a swirl, just oh so topsy turvy. I hope you have had the rest you needed and are ready to greet the day!

My friend, Sharon, from Rose of Sharon, sent me this greeting. It is such a cute "pick me up" and a great cheery way to start this week. Thank you Sharon for being so kind! Your thoughtfulness means alot to me. I just wanted to pass this "friends are a treasure" greeting along to all of you, my readers, my family and friends. This is for you! Enjoy! If you think of someone that you would like to send it to, please do. Pass it along, and keep the cheer flowing! I found this adorable little 1 cup measuring cup at the thrift store. Upon seeing it, I quickly picked it up and felt for chips. It was chip free! It had the feel, the look and touch of old know that "vintagie" feel. I've been wanting a measuring cup like this for so long. I turned it in my hands searching for the price, and there it was stamped on the bottom...5o cents! My heart raced with excitement as I said to myself, of course, "I'm gonna get this!" You see, for whatever reason, I've never had a glass pitcher "liquid" measuring cup. In Home Economics (that's what they called it not so long ago when I was in High it's Consumer Science) Mrs. Jones made it very clear that we must measure liquids in a cup like this, and solids or powders in a measuring cup that you can smooth across the top with the edge of a knife blade. (She did teach us how to measure peanut butter and Crisco in a cup like this, but that's another lesson for another day.) Well obviously, I've never measured the way I was taught! Mrs. Jones, if you are reading this, I'm sorry! BUT now I have THE CUP! Those of you who feel the thrill of the hunt along with me, will understand, I know!!!

As you can see, I have dried blackeyed peas in the cup (oops! not a liquid). Some of my family members really enjoy blackeyed peas, and I usually buy them canned. An "Angel" gave us a bag of dried blackeyed peas, and I need to know how to fix them. Do any of you have a delicious never fail recipe that you could share with me? I would love it if you did!

I have cooked long enough to know that I will need to boil the peas for a while, so they will be soft and flavorful. It sorta reminds me of life...after we've gone through the heat of the hardtimes, life just seems a little more yummy and enjoyable, somehow!

Don't boil over! Have a fun Monday! Love, Rachel



Karla said...

It's "Consumer Science" where you are? The public schools here have "Teen Living" (Home Ec I) and "Adult Living" (Home Ec II) or something like that. I have never heard of "Consumer Science". Weird, huh?

I got a 2-cup liquid glass measuring cup for a wedding gift, so I've had one all these years. What's amazing to me is that it hasn't been broken or lost, and we've been using it for 22+ years now! Mine has the numbers printed on it, though, not embossed in the glass. So I guess that tells you that yours is older than 22 years. But I bet you figured that out already. Very cool find! I love bargains like that!

Esther said...

That topsy-turvy feeling is probably common the world over. What a cute picture you added to go along with it!

Congratulations on your "Friends are a Treasure" award! I'm glad other people realize what a treasure you are!

I'm happy about your new measuring cup! It's really cute! But I fear my blackeyed pea recipe won't be much help: Open a can of Bush's Blackeyed Peas, heat, season to taste, and enjoy! But I'd be happy to try yours after you have them all soft and flavorful! :)

I love your post! I hope you will have a wonderful day!

Love you, Esther

Tara said...


What a nice thrift store find for you. Can't help with the peas, I am not even sure I have ever tasted them (have to put that on my LIFE list--try black eyed peas!)
Have a wonderful day!

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Love your glass measuring cup. I have two - both about 10 years old. One is a 2 cup and one is a 4 cup.

I have never made black eyed peas....let us know if you come up with a great recipe.

Counting Your Blessings said...

I think Kari & Kjisa ( had a recipe about a week or so ago. Hmmm.. I'm not positive but their blog is always fun so it's worth a peek =) Blessings... Polly

Donnie said...

Dear Rachel,
I'm back after being gone since Thursday. The postings are all so beautiful and very thoughtfully spoken.
The way I cook dried black-eyed peas; 2 cups of peas, wash them good in a colander and soak them in warm water for about an hour. Wash them good again. Add 4 cups water, bring them to a boil then turn the burner low until they are just a slow simmer,cover with the lid and cook for two or three hours, adding about a cup of water as the liquid gets less, this slow cooking and adding water along will make the juice thick. Add salt to taste, start out with a tsp. add more if needed. I add about a 1/2 tsp. black pepper to mine. If you like you can add some diced ham and let it get hot.
Black-eyed peas don't take as long as pinto beans to cook. Make a pan of cornbread, a very yummy meal.
If you want to cook more or less than two cups adjust the water to the amount you are cooking.
Wish I could make you a big pan of them.
Love Donnie

A Romantic Porch said...

Thank you Donnie, I'll give that a try! Love,Rachel

Tracie said...

I LOVE your new measuring cup and what a deal - I remember Home Ec, brings back fun memories!

Come by and see me - I've got something for you Rachel, Sweets.


Tracie said...

Me again!

Forgot to say Congratulations in my haste - that's such a nice Award, you're just so popular and for good reason, Porch Lady!

Esther Sunday said...

Hello Rachel! It is so nice to meet you over here in your lovely "home"! Thank for visiting me over at Esther Sunday's Journal! Yes, aren't porches just one of the nicest places to be in the world? Looking forward to checking back in with you! Love, Esther

Ronda said...

Loved the "Friends are a Treasure" picture! You are having a "ball" with this blogging stuff...aren't you?(smile) I love that so many people seem to treasure your sweet personality on your blog! It's fun to see you enjoying it so much! Glad that Donnie could help you out with the blackeyed peas....My Grandmother has always fixed them, but I have never made them myself! Hope that you are having a great day!

mr. poe said...

Interesting... saw your post about blackeyed peas and don't boil over just after I had finished a practice session of a new version of "Boil 'em Cabbage Down" on the 'ol strangs!

I'll try to not boil over. Is it ok to simmer?

Toots said...

I have a favorite blackeyed pea recipe. I'll put it on my blog as soon as I can.
Enjoyed visiting yours again!

Sharon said...

I love your new measuring cup! I love the old glass ones too! They are so nice because they have raised numbers on them, not printed (the printed letters and numbers wear off after time). I have a couple of them, but would like all the sizes!

Thanks for mentioning me in your post!

Hugs, Sharon

Anonymous said...


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