Friday, February 29, 2008

Is This Sadie Hawkins Day?

I know one lady who has a birthday today. You're right, February 29. She is a friend of one of my sisters and I'm guessing that sister will be having a party for her. (It looks like this family likes to celebrate birthdays) I'll tell you about that later! Is today anyone elses birthday? Let me know, because we need to throw a HUGE party fast! Those of you with February 29th birthdays don't grow old as're probably SICK of hearing that one! Sorry! Well, well, my dear friends and faithful readers, it's been a great partying week here on my romantic porch. Thanks for dropping by and leaving your comments and happy birthday wishes for my mother in law, and general all around just friends vistin' with friends kind of stuff.

The name game for the red cream soda float was a lot of fun. I really liked the one that Katherine thought of..."Romantic Pink Cloud"...kinda fits for sippin' on "A Romantic Porch" don't you think? Maybe when it warms up we'll do more sippin' of the fluffy cold stuff.

Tracie asked what red cream soda is...and since then, I've been trying to figure out how to describe it. I probably should bring "one of the boys" in here at this point! I think it is very similar to cream soda, but in my opinion, cream soda has a vanilla flavor and red cream soda is, and I'm not sure if it tastes different! Can anyone describe it more accurately for me?

Thank you to those of you who were patient until I got the PayPal buttons working on the boutique page and were able to finally purchase those beautiful items you had your eyes on in "A Romantic Porch Boutique". I've added more things for your shopping pleasure! These cute pitchers are there, and for the tea party and tablecloth lovers, there is an amazing woven tablecloth on the Feb. 20th post. Don't forget to check out the prize eggs for your Easter egg hunt! Just click on LEAP DAY ITEMS ADDED on the side bar under "Boutique Items" and scroll down to view.

Have a wonderful day. Love, Rachel


Ronda said...

Hi Rachel...You are such a funny girl! What a great idea to give a party "blog style"! I am sure Mrs. Going loved it! I loved your pitchers that you displayed! They are all beautiful! Hope that you have a fantastic day! (Thanks for your nice comments on my blog...You shouldn't have deleted anything. It just may have been something that I needed to hear! ha!)Love, Ronda

Tracie said...

Hey Rachel,
Happy Friday. Nice pitchers you've got there. Hmm, guess I'll really have to look into the red cream soda. I like the name you chose for the drink, so romantic.

Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Leap Year Day!

Hope said...

Hi Rachel,
Love that name Romantic Pink Cloud! It fits perfectly.

I came by to see if there are any of those yummy cupcakes left? Guess not after all the partying!! :o)

Love those pitchers!! Gotta check out your boutique web when I get time!


Karla said...

Ya know, I don't think I actually know anyone who was born on Leap Day. Ralph is the closest one. It's an interesting concept, though, isn't it?

Brenda Kula said...

Nope, no birthday on Feb. 29. But I did turn 51 on the 19th. Yeh the 19th! Just glad I made it this far. Just thought I'd comment. Love your blog. Very colorful.
Brenda Kula

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Hi Rachel!! Love the pitchers!
Thanks for stopping by my blog too and for your sweet as can be comments

Anonymous said...


Tara said...


Those pitchers are lovely!

Kari & Kijsa said...


Those pitchers are so sweet!

Have a blessed weekend!

smiles, kari & kijsa

Kari & Kijsa said...


Those pitchers are so sweet!

Have a blessed weekend!

smiles, kari & kijsa

Farrah said...

My grandma was born on leap day! I put a picture of her on my post yesterday and wished her a happy birthday. :-) People with that birthday are rare!

I'll stop by your boutique!

Siobhan said...

Hello Rachel,

Thankyou for dropping in at my blog and for your kind comments. I am so glad I found you!

I look forward to coming back soon.

Siobhan xo

Esther said...

I'm sorry I didn't get in on the blog party, but what a fun idea. I actually have two friends born on Feb. 29! So fun celebrations this year for them!