Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What's The Plan?

I'm still enjoying the sights and sounds of Spring!
This is the birthplace and childhood home of famous Hoosier author and poet, James Whitcomb Riley.
Though the mock cherry blossoms have burst forth in full array of color, the dead leaves of winter still lay on the rooftop.  This amuses me.  I suppose I'm easily amused!
The longer I live in Indiana, I realize just how famous Mr. Riley truly was.
He died in 1916.  When I  think of the extensive traveling that he did for speaking engagements, and the conditions in which he would have traveled, I am amazed at how far his reputation spread. 
How did that happen without twitter and instagram?
 Though he never married nor had children, his love of children is evident all these years later.
In 1916, a group of prominent citizens started a foundation to open a hospital in memory of Mr. Riley.
The James Whitcomb Riley Children's Hospital
opened in Indianapolis, in 1924.
Today, Riley Hospital for Children, is a premier hospital in the care of children.  I have been following the blog of a mother who has a little boy who is there waiting on a heart transplant.  He has been hospitalized since October.
If you would enjoy following his story, click on the word "blog" in the paragraph above.
This family is growing weary, very weary with their journey.  Please pray for extra strength.
Honestly I don't know them, but it doesn't matter to me if I do or not, I still pray for them.
I know a darling and amazing nurse who will be caring for this child once he receives his heart and is transfered to her floor.
I'm sure this family appreciates any prayers.
Winter was long and cold, but in retrospect it passed quickly.  Spring is here and April is over.  I'm breathless as I realize that I must not...no I MUST NOT squander one precious moment that I have been given.
I must pursue NOW.  Make the most of NOW.  This is what I have.  If I am wise with this moment and the next if it comes, the next and next, etc., then I will have a life well lived.
That's my plan.
What is your plan for this beautiful Spring day?

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Donnie said...

Beautifully written, I like your plan. I think I will follow you!
Have a wonderful beautiful Spring day.