Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Living Vicariously

 The ducks have gotten big enough that they get to "ride" around the house in style! 
It's about time for them to head to the farm. 
They are quite spoiled little city ducks, but I think they will fare splendidly in the country where they can roam with the other barnyard friends.  
We will look forward to visiting them and see if they still remember who we are!
Today, I am living vicariously through one of last week's creations.  Now that doesn't make a bit of sense at all does it? 
This wedding dress is flying to the Caribbean today with the beautiful bride. 
 Since I can't go, I will enjoy the fact that something I have made is going! 
Oh the places they go and the things they see...lucky little "fashion statements"!
 A sneak peak is all you will see for now. 
 It's up to the bride to give the full fashion reveal.
I better scoot along.  The bride that is coming tonight with three of her six bridesmaids wouldn't be one bit impressed if she realized I've been sitting around daydreaming about the Caribbean.
Yeah, really.  My sweet man and I "flew" there on Sunday afternoon all by the way of google maps and street view.  It was crazy amazing!
Really gotta scram!  The sun will soon come up and start to sizzle away the daylight hours.
No matter what, intentionally make it a great day!
Where would you like to go today? 


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Donnie said...

Nice duck "car".
Beautiful dress creation.
Have a wonderful day.