Wednesday, April 3, 2013


I never have learned to enjoy sweet potatoes.  I wish I did enjoy them.  My mother served them baked when I was growing up.  And I have eaten them as an adult.  I know they are filled with healthy nutrients and fiber. 
There is just something about the texture that makes me gag. 
Sorry, I can't figure out a nice way to say that!
And then when it is mixed with brown sugar or other seasonings, for me the taste is just wonky.
I wish I could learn to like them.
I'm trying to learn to like them.
I fix them roasted in the oven.
I bake them.
I don't make sweet potato casserole.
But I do eat them.
The positive side to all of this that I have learned is that when I do eat them, I do fill up very quickly, and I am no longer hungry!
For at least 10 minutes!
Yeah, I don't know if it is the gagging that makes me fill up quickly
or the bulk from the fiber, but it works.
I just take it on "faith" that I need to eat sweet potatoes.
It's the same way with green tea.
Hot green tea, just isn't a pleasing experience for me either.
To my way of taste bud tasting, it doesn't taste good.
I drink MUGS of it.
I don't enjoy it.
Growing up, mother and daddy had a plethora of home remedies.
We took them because "they were good for us"!
It must have worked, because I never went to the doctor a single time until I was 20. 
I am so not kidding you.
That is the honest truth.
I truly believe in doing the right and healthy "thing" for my body.
I also believe that there is an important place from the care of a doctor.
I just don't want to go if I can prevent it.
People who know me well know that a healthy lifestyle is important to me. 
I want to be healthy
and physically.
I want to be balanced and strong.
I seek that for my family and those with whom I associate.
Late in August 2012, I found out about this "Crazy Wrap Thing" and after researching it, I knew the brides, bridesmaids, prom girls, etc. that I work with would LOVE them. 
I also liked the fact that the ingredients on the wrap were all natural products.
Through the winter I continued to research the company and the ingredients of the products and realized this was something I definitely wanted to offer to my customers...AND make use of myself.
Wow! I am so excited about the results that I have gained personally from the wraps and supplements.
I have friends who are getting great results also.
The WRAPS tab at the top of my blog will take you to my website.
If you have questions, feel free to email me or message me on facebook.
The more people I wrap and tell about these amazing supplements, the more I realize how desperately everyone wants a solution to the way they look and feel.
I did!  I'm guessing you do too.

Do you like sweet potatoes?

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Sherry at The Rusty Pearl said...

Hey my sweet new friend.. I love this confessing post LOL >> IT is an acquired taste those sweet potatoes.. I love them. I love making fries out of them.. I have friends that are loving the wraps too that you showed.. They have really lost inches... Thanks for sharing your post sister... Have a blessed week and check out the rusty pearl when you get a chance.... HUGS