Monday, April 15, 2013

I Never Knew

         I never knew what it was to be a mother till I met you. 
I never knew as your heart beat grew
 there inside,
 right under mine,
 that even though you grew
 and grew
 and out grew mine,
 your heart beat never left mine inside.
Your heart beat, beats inside mine.
And I never knew till I met you,
 how a mother's love grows and grows
and there is room for more hearts to beat
inside mine,
and you gave
 and you grew
and allowed other hearts
to grow
 there beside your heart, 
inside mine.
A son,
a big brother,
a big heart,
 inside mine,
along with their hearts.
I never knew, 
Till I learned from you,
my son, their big brother.
Easter Sunday, April 15th,
that's when I knew...
...when I met you,
all 8 lbs 15 3/4 oz. of you!


Donnie said...

WOW! such a beautiful posem. Happy Birthday to your son.

Donnie said...


Donna Lynn said...

That was a beautiful poem, and I can't help it, after the birth of my grand daughter, HE WAS A BIG BABY!!! LOL!Happy Birthday to your son! Love you Rachel

Mom Going said...

Jonathan is special, the first child of our second son. I'm sorry we did not get to see him on his birthday. Hope it was a wonderful day for him.