Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Yes Absolutely Duckys Hug!

 After a nice swim and splash in a kiddie pool, in freezing cold water, the time had come for the trip out to my brother's farm.  Whoever dreamed that two little duckys could grow so quickly in three short weeks?
Whoever dreamed that our hearts could hold so much love  for two little duckys in three short weeks?
 It was time for our spoiled little city ducks to become polite and courteous country ducks.
The first transition point was to a little pen with baby chicks of similar age and their two country cousin ducks Smokie and Blackie. 
When Smore and Marshmallow were introduced to the chicks pen, Smokie and Blackie jumped up out of the flock of little chicks and waddled over and embraced Smore and Marshmallow by quickly entwining their necks around each other. 
It was quite touching to watch duckys hug.
"Ah, look! They are hugging!" we exclaimed in amazement.
Did you know that chicks can tell that duckys aren't chicks?
And did you know that duckys can tell that chicks aren't duckys?
Well, I didn't either, but I'm absolutely positively sure that they can.
After seeing duckys hug and chicks rise up on their legs and stretch their necks as long as they will possibly stretch and then peck peck peck at the ducks beak, yes,  I'm sure they can tell.
And so goes the life of Smore and Marshmallow as they become our courteous and polite country ducks.
Life goes on ~ on the farm.
Life goes on ~ in the city.

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Donnie said...

Will they ever have a story to tell if they ever find their way back to the big city.