Wednesday, May 1, 2013

We Are More Than Ready!

Come on, dear hummingbirds.
Dinner is served.
We are ready to see your sweet faces.
Yes, we are more than ready.
Usually the hummingbirds arrive here around the middle of April.
Maybe it was too cold.
Well, I KNOW it was too cold.
But how could they have known?
How do they know it is cold here, when they are still way down there?
Wherever there is.
Maybe they were notified by twitter.
Yep, someone tweeted.
Have the hummingbirds arrived at your place yet?


Donnie said...

Beautiful picture! Yes, I saw one just a few days ago. Maybe it was the scout just checking things out, and the others will soon follow!

Judy said...

Not yet, but then I need to get the feeders out. I thought of that yesterday too but got too busy to get them. I will today tho, can't wait for them to arrive.