Thursday, April 11, 2013

Just In Case

Just in case, after reading yesterday's post, you may have felt a tad bit sad that we don't have our restored front porch, I wanted to say we still have a porch!!
We love it.
We appreciate it.
We use it!
 It's a back porch.
  And in the full disclosure of complete honesty, this specific photo is quite deceitful because it
  was taken in August a few years back.
The porch certainly doesn't look like that today.
Several days ago, when it was cold and dreary, I went through some old photos of our porch and  Spring flowers.  I suppose I was day dreaming of Spring!
 Yesterday evening, it was warm enough that I went out and swept leaves that had blown onto the floor and got down miscellaneous and sundry cob webs that had gathered while we were braving the cold blasts of winter.
 Around here you have to just hunker down and endure the winter. As the winter wears our nerves thin, we anxiously wait for the day that life on the porch begins in earnest.
It looks like the season has arrived!!!
We may still have a spurt or two of snow though.
I'm looking forward to planting flowers and setting up the outdoor room...our peaceful haven...our other "Romantic Porch".
We will still have some chilly days round here,
Is it warm enough to  sit out on your porch, or do you need a blanket like we do?
P.S. Oh and if you start to say the phrase, "just in case" over and over and over again, it kinda starts to sound weird and the meaning of it just blurs away.
Justincase justincase justincasejustincase.
See I told you.
What in the world does "just in case" mean anyway?


Donnie said...

The back romantic porch is a wonderful place to sit and eat lunch or just rest a few minutes. It is so peaceful.
Have a wonderful day.

Judy said...

I love any kind of porch, doesn't matter what it's used for. I remember my grandmothers porch and it was filled to the brim but we used to play there when we were kids. I have wonderful memories of that porch :)

Willow said...

Well the photo of your back porch IS certainly romantic ~