Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A LOVEly Walk

Yesterday before dawn the birds were chirping and tweeting (with their iPHONES of course) and it sounded like Spring outside.  The day was beautiful and sunshiny but cold.   At one point I looked out to see a flock of birds on the feeder and I hollered into the office to my husband, "Hey Babe, did you fill the bird feeder?"  "Nope." he said.  "Now why would I think he'd filled the bird feeder?" I thought to myself. 
 I do that a lot.  I think things to myself and then wonder why I am thinking them.
  Please tell me you do too. 
 Oh, you do! It's ok.  Admit it.
 Hanging my head in shame, buying bird seed is not on the list of top priorities this winter and I suppose the poor little feathered creatures were sticking their legs through the openings and trying to scratch seeds from the bottom with their three pronged (or is it four pronged? well whatever) toes. They musta been huuuuungry! 
Look how empty that feeder is. 
 (Note to self: 
Buy bird seed.  Feed hungry birds. Buy groceries.  Feed hungry family)
And so as we plowed through our day I thought of you and smiled to myself as I thought about how much you were surely missing me and my LOVE ramblings. 
And of course I'm saying all this in total jest. 
Lest you think I'm all out of things to say about LOVE...nope not a chance!  This mind of mine is whirring. I can't let you off the hook that easy.
On our walk to the Post Office yesterday my daughter and I found two things.  This heart shaped "crack" in the pavement of the street.  It has even blessed us with a little "cupids arrow" piercing through.
This locket was laying right there on the ground, just a stone's throw from the "heart" in the pavement.  It was surrounded by cigarette butts, but I flicked those away with the tip of my shoe because, well because, I don't show "butts" on this blog. (Cigarette butts that is, well, any butts for that matter. But I don't say that four letter word b.u.t.t. [Mother said it isn't classy and I certainly want to be classy] and I can't figure out how to get it out of this post. Oh my, I have digressed so.)
 And the photo is prettier without them (the b.u.t.t."s") too, don'tcha think?
  Our daughter was so excited.
  She said, "Oh, Mom, we just find LOVE everywhere!"  "Yes, we do sweetie.  We sure do!"
In February 2011, I blogged about another heart shaped stain on the pavement.  And if I was "technosavvy" I would link over to it.  But since I'm not "technosavvy" (I made that word up.  I'm so proud. It will be in the dictionary soon, I'm sure!) you will just have to take my savvy word for it that there really is another photo of a heart shaped stain on the pavement, buried in this blog somewhere.  You're impressed.  I see it on your face.
So, even though yesterday was coo coo, we still found LOVE.
I couldn't let you down, now could I?
update: Thank you Katherine, from Yellow Rose Arbor, for taking time to find the photo mentioned above and emailing me the link.  That is so very sweet of you.  I feel like I found a "heart" in your gesture of kindness. 
P. S. Thank you from the bottom of my little heart shaped heart to the new ones who have "liked" my Facebook page.  I have tried to thank you personally, but I'm still a little behind on showing my appreciation.  Just know how much I appreciate it and how much I LOVE you for "liking" it. 
 Bless your little heart shaped heart. 


Karla Cook @ Ramblin' Roads said...

What a "lovely" post. I was gonna say "fun" but "lovely" just seemed like a better word!

Judy said...

If you could see me I'm nodding my head here. I can so relate to thinking things to myself and then wondering why I'm thinking them. I'm also hanging my head as well, I need to fill our feeders up again, but I need to buy the bird seed :)
I love that you found the two hearts.
Have a wonderful day today!

Donnie said...

Another beautifully written post and reminder to look everywhere for love. It can be found when we look. Have a lovely day!

Mrs. Cherry Heart said...

I heart your blog!
I am a heart collector ( not real hearts) lol....just fun, pretty, unusual hearts. I am always looking for heart shaped things in nature. How fun to meet another heart girl.

Enjoy your day,

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

You are so blessed always finding hearts! I remembered that heart shape on the sidewalk you posted a few years ago!


Ana said...

Oh Rachel,
Your posts are always a delight to read. Wishing you a wonderful Valentine's Day.