Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Because Love Matters

It's not just the love between spouses or a significant other,
but it is LOVE that matters.
It's LOVE that compels us to say. "I'm sorry"!
...compels us to slow down and show patience
...show kindness and be nice,
to go the extra mile tho stumbling and broken.
It's LOVE that leaves the unnecessary unspoken.
It's LOVE that leaves selfish desires behind to seek a brighter future;
dream new dreams,
to smile when your heart is breaking.
LOVE listens...
listens with eyes...
with countenance...
with tone and heart.
LOVE forges friendships.
It binds relationships.
Love can be given yet refused.
It's LOVE that matters,
not my opinion,
nor my perspective.
LOVE strives to let go of the hindrances of good to seek best.
Because LOVE matters.

                                                            ~ rachel going
So I ask myself?  How am I doing in regard to LOVE?
Yes, LOVE  really matters.



Donnie said...

It does matter! I want, need and work towards fulfilling God's commandment to love.
Have a wonderful day. Love you!

Judy said...

To love one another, isn't that a wonderful thing to do! Beautiful post!

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

I love both of these poems on love! Can I copy them for my grandson and his fiance?


A Romantic Porch said...

Yes! Katherine, of course you may copy my thoughts on LOVE. All I ask is that if they are posted on your blog they are linked back to my blog. Thank you for asking permission to copy. It is my pleasure. I pray your grandson and his fiancee' will be inspired to live a live of enduring love together.